Jun 13, 2002
I currently am using McAfee internet security suite and it has now expired. I am pretty happy with McAfee, but am willing to switch if there is something better. I am going to buy a new one but I heard that Norton is better than McAfee. What makes Norton better? Should I just stick with McAfee or switch to Norton. I currently use WinXP pro SP2.

Also I am looking into getting a backup software to backup my HD incase of failure. What would be a good backup utility to use with DVD's? Thanks in advance.

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Mar 6, 2002
I wouldn't really know if Norton is better, but I prefer using it.

For backing up, I use Nero <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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I use NIS 2004Pro and NU2004 Pro and its allright. I think both are adequate, I simply prefer Symantec, used since DOS days.

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I'd use neither ... have been using AVG Free AV for a while and am happy with the app and the price ... but if I had to chose: Norton ... I used McAfee and found their habit of updating only once a week somewhat troubling ...

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