Jan 31, 2020
Hello, my current system is a 2700x, Vega 64, plugged into a B450 F Gaming from Asus. As for storage I use a NVME 500GB as my primary os drive, 1 480gb ssd, and a 3tb HDD, and a dvd/cd read write. I recently purchased a 4tb Barracuda and upon adding it to the system and booting up the only drive detected was my NVME drive. All other hardware seems to be functioning normally except for storage. I removed the new drive, but my other hard drives are still not appearing as they did before, oddly enough the rom still functions. Nothing appears in disk management or bios. Im using a 850 watt psu and even with just the sdd plugged in, only the nvme works. Bios labels the sata ports as empty. I have cleared the cmos, uninstalled sata controllers using windows hardware/device manager, fiddled with hot plug and even tried running the controller in RAID. All drives are in correct order, and I dont think it has to do with sata cables because all drives were functioning before the new barracuda. I already have the latest bios for the board. Any help is appreciated.