Overcome burn error not enough temporary space on volume for transcode


Jan 25, 2012
I was just trying to burn a disc today and it keeps coming up with the above annoying message; "Not enough temporary space on volume for transcode". I've cleaned up junk files, done a defrag and some disk-clearing yesterday, plus got rid of some unwanted things from my Programs & features list, and had made about 222kb of extra space, so why is this still banging on about a lack of space to burn my current dvd? I've never had this before. But to make matters worse, they never tell you how to overcome this problem or guide you! Please help.
What operating system do you use? Windows XP, windows 7?

If it's windows...

Open up "my computer" and check your "C" drive. It should list "xxx.x free of xxxx" space right under the "C" drive.

222KB would definately not be enough space if you're running low on hard drive space. You will probably need at least 1-2 GB of free space to do the burn.