Question PC is ON, but monitor is blank!?

Sahir Dizdarevic

Jul 14, 2014
Everything was fine until last week, when I wanted to startup my pc, but it showed me only black screen without cursor. I restarted it and tried again and then after 10mins without doing anything my screen turned on and I was on log in screen and I used pc normally. Next day I had to restart it few more times and I had to wait like 15mins. Today I woke up and I had to wait like 30mins. Then I decided to update everything I could and I restarted it and now I can't turn in on anymore no matter how long I wait. Power supply seems fine same as monitor.
In my opinion my cpu is dead, but I am not quite sure and that's why I decided to ask you guys.

Monitor is fine because I tried to restart all of my components including cmos battery and when I tried to turn it on I saw bios screen and it said something like "enter setup to recover Bios.. Press F1 to enter Bios" and I entered bios and put everything on default, saved it and restarted it again and problem was same again.. And now I have no more ideas what to do.

I have cpu i5 2300 from 2011
I put voltages on - 0.195v due to it's huge temperatures before I done it. It was stabble I ran some stress programs for like 4 5hours on that voltage.
R9 270x 2gb gpu.
620w silver 2 psu
Mobo p8h61-m le