Question Pc powers on, does not display, does not connect to keyboard and mouse, and will not turn off.

Dec 28, 2019
Hello, I have built many PCs before but I have never ran into a problem like this before. I am building a pc for my friend and went for a more budget approach. The first specs were

  • Rayzen 7 2400x (led cooler)
  • MSI B400 series motherboard
  • Kingston 480 gb ssd
  • Corsair cx650
  • EVGA 1650 ti
when I attempted to install windows I kept getting a “could not create a new partition file” error and I tried everything. After lots of frustration I decided that the ssd was the issue. I replaced it with a Samsung 860 evo 500gb. One installed to the pc I then ran into a problem where the pc would start but all I would get was a white dash on the screen. I read up on the issue, reset everything, and had the same problem. I thought I should change the motherboard due to the fact that it might have been dropped in shipping due to the dent in the corner of the box. I replaced it with an ASUS 470 prime (led) and now the pc starts but does not connect to the keyboard, mouse, or monitor. It also will not turn off when I press the power button, I had to turn off the power supply directly. I am replacing the power supply now due to more research but I am also afraid that it could be the CPU. Does anyone know exactly what the issue is and if there is anything else I need to replace?