Question PC restarts itself every few seconds after running driver booster


Jun 25, 2019
Friend ran driver booster on his PC that he recently installed fresh windows to. During a required restart the system turned itself back on and then quickly (5 seconds with no beeping) turned itself back off again. Now it does this every time you try to turn it on. Cant get to BIOS and holding f8 doesn't help.

I realize at this point that a driver update has most likely caused a hardware part to stop responding. And I have learned my lesson with driver booster...

When friend brings his computer by this weekend I am planning out what I need to do to figure out the problem expediently.

Issue like this normally I would look at PSU but I assume that a driver update wouldn't affect that so I will remove GPU/drives and all but one ram stick to try and narrow it down to Motherboard/CPU

I'm thinking that the issue will end up being the motherboard. And that it will need replacement. Is there anything else I should be trying here?