Question PC sometimes no display but after 3 reboots it displays


Jun 30, 2016
Hi,I have this problem everytime I turn my PC on, coming from a complete shutdown(turned off AVR). When I turn my PC on, the motherboard beeps, mouse, keyboard and fans lights up and spins indicating a successful post/boot, I had to quickly press the power button to shut if off then turn on again, I repeat the process till I get a display from the monitor. When my PC boots to Windows all things are running fine also in when in games. The average number of times I repeat the process is 3 times, on the 3rd process my PC successfully displays on the monitor and proceed to Windows. I have tried cleaning my PC(RAM, Motherboard, etc.), replugging all connectors, replacing my DVI cable, using other GPU video output ports, default BIOS settings and testing RAMs one by one. Nothing solved the problem. GPU and CPU runs fine in games at 70C max temp for the GPU. My PC isn't acting like this in the past months, everything is running fine. What do you think causes this?

My PC's specs:
ID-Cooling 240 AIO
Biostar H61MLV
8gb HyperX 1600Mhz
4gb RipjawsX 1600MHz
Seasonic M12II EVO 620W 80+ Bronze
Samsung 830 SSD
160GB HDD Seagate Barracuda
Windows 7
well, your GPU is not always initializing at power on, be it a finicky GPU, or, a marginal power supply....

As you implied hearing the POST beep, the GPU not really initializing when it is supposed to seems a logical suspect. (You can check the GPU in another rig, and, if the symptoms follow, you are done. Or, try another PSU to possibly semi-rule that out, i.e., if symptoms remain. If you do try another PSU, do NOT use old modular cables with new PSU...ever)