Question PC suddenly crashes and instantly reboots.


May 31, 2018
Hey guys, I am having this problem for a week now...
My PC just crashes and restarts instantly without me doing anything.. sometimes it's when I am in the middle of a game,
sometimes when I just log in to my windows after entering the password.

I have tried every possible thing available on the internet;
  1. Checked RAM using memtest86 and claimed warranty and returned one module (8gbx1) as it got 1 error. (replacement is on the way)
  2. Scanned disk using sfc and dism.
  3. Updated all drivers to the latest.
  4. Haven't downloaded any new software .
  5. Kaspersky Antivirus full scan.
  6. System Temps are okay (<70 C)
  7. Updated BIOS, reset it too.
  8. Replaced CMOS battery.
  9. Reapplied Cpu thermal paste.
  10. Turned off fast boot.
  11. unchecked windows' automatically restart when bla bla checkbox too.
I am fed up with this issue and about to give up.

The memory module is OK (According to Memtest86 and windows memory diagnostic tool)
GPU runs the Unigine Heaven stress test OK (when the PC doesn't crash and restarts itself)
Here's a list of my specs:

Cooler Master MWE 550W Bronze v2 PSU
Asus ex-a320m gaming MOTHERBOARD
Ryzen 5 1600 CPU
Dolgix 8GB x1 2400mhz RAM(was 2x8gb)
Asus Rx570 8GB GPU
Crucial 240GB Sata SSD
Toshiba something 1TB HDD

Here's the latest MEMORY.DMP:

Event Viewer sometimes shows the error 41: kernel power; I googled and found that its because of some driver issue, so i updated my drivers and it was gone but the pc keeps doing the same thing

I suspect the PSU is somehow not giving enough power to the system... but I checked that my specs require only 350W... my PSU is 550W.
What could be the problem here?
Please help me out if someone has a fix. <3
(While i am typing this, the pc uptime is: 1 Hour, 43 mins, now ill go and try running some game/benchmark test and ill update in the comments if it does it again)


Noted you looked in Event Viewer.

Take a look in Reliability History as well. Much more user friendly and the time line format can prove quite helpful.

Also look in Update History for any problem updates.

How old is that Cooler Master PSU? History of heavy use for gaming, video editing, or even bitcoin mining?


May 31, 2018
Hey, thanks for replying.
Here's a screenshot of the reliability history:
There is no windows update from 15th August 2022...
The PSU is basically brand new... I got it not even a month back when my old PSU died.
I do game and edit videos casually but no, I don't think anything that major which might wear out the hardware too soon...

I built my whole PC in 2020, got the PSU changed last month.