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  1. H

    Question used RX 570 code 43

    I recently bought a used rx 570 off of eBay. However the card shows a code 43 error. I am worried it might have to do with a previous issue in the past when my old GPU began acting up. Here is what happened BEFORE I got the rx 570: I was playing a game when my pc crashed and showed an...
  2. M

    Question New PC keeps Blue Screening on resource intensive games only

    Hello, so for the last couple of weeks my pc has been giving me some major headaches. The computer remains normal while in the desktop and while playing games like CSGO and Apex Legends. However, as soon as i try to run a more resource intensive game like wolfenstein youngblood the pc blue...
  3. N

    Question Why does my computer keeps restarting every couple of seconds

    So whenever I turn it on it runs for a few seconds before turning off then doing the process again. It shows no error on my PC monitor so possibly a hardware problem
  4. S

    Question werfault issue

    Hello, I have an issue with an msi laptop friend asked me to look at because he doesn't know much about computers. Well I am uncertain what the problem is and am not finding much help on wonderful google. Well i boot his laptop it takes a while to boot then error prompt shows The instructions at...
  5. D

    Question HELP! PC keeps crashing while gaming

    Hello to everyone. This crashing thing is driving me crazy if someone have some ideas it would be great! My pc was crashing when playing some games for some minutes so then i thought that its a PSU problem because the pc was liquid-cooled so high temps werent an option and i bought a new psu...
  6. T

    Question Why am I receiving massive FPS drops in games?

    Recently, I got an AMD RX 570 and while the performance and graphics are better, I’m experiencing more FPS drops than I expected. I’ve tried changing many settings in games and with windows 10 but it doesn’t help. Could it be hardware? Here are my specs AMD FX 8350 eight core processor (with a...
  7. A

    Question Serious BSOD issue! (Attached Minidump Logs)

    Hi, I really would appreciate some help. I have a two year old custom gaming pc from Cyberpower that I use for heavy motion graphics Here are the specs- 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7-7700K Quad-Core 32GB DDR4 RAM 240GB SSD + 3TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (11GB GDDR5X) In the past 3 months I’ve...
  8. S

    Question My First Build

    I want some opinions on this build and how I did for a first try, what are some suggestions from professionals or opinions on these components? Hi everybody! I have a desktop from 2012 that is still kicking but to me it is showing its age. With Amazon Prime days, I decided it was time for a...
  9. Shadare

    Question PC Crashes, Sanity to follow (Then the money)

    So my PC is crashing randomly during games it has run well for years, and most dependably when I even try to load the campaign map in Total War: Warhammer 2. I have also had crashes in games like Fallout 4, and even rarely in older games like EVE Online, and SW:KOTOR. The crash is strange as...
  10. giorgosfil13

    Question Constant BSOD on well functioning PC without any previous issues.

    So... the last couple of days a got occasional BSOD during the day. Maybe two per day. At first, I ignored it, but the next day it happened also. I figured that it could be the latest windows update. I tried recovering an old image but it failed. I was able to boot into windows and uninstall...
  11. S

    Question FPS Drops on a new laptop with seemingly no reason

    Hello, No matter how cold the temperature is and no matter how is the condition in-game the fps always drops on all games i've played. My CPU clock speed will always clocks down from 3907 mhz to 800-900mhz its happening in random intervals too. It happening within 1 minutes of gameplay and from...
  12. The Blue Infinite

    Question My Custom PC keeps freezing

    Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Nvidia geforce gtx 1070 ti Seasonic 660 w power supply G skills 16gb ddr4 ram So I built this computer last year. Now suddenly I had problems with it being stuck at boot and giving me dr debug codes. So I reset cmos, and now its freezing on desktops after a few minutes. I'm...
  13. Ern830

    Question Dell xps 13 components

    Hello. Because of budget limitation I am buying a Dell xps series 13 9360 R3905S laptop from a second hand app in China. But according to seller the laptop was bought on November 2018 and hasn't been unsealed yet . I checked the service tag on official website and everything was fine . I am...
  14. L

    Question PC is underperforming... no idea why, desperate need for assistance. HELP!

    So for the past month or more, my newly scrapped together pc has been an interesting challenge. I made a horrible mistake by cheeping out and buying an old motherboard and cpu from an ancient already used computer. After months and months of fixing problems and finding new ones, im done with...
  15. T

    Question Playing high spec game, monitor no signals but pc is still running.

    When i play a high spec game like PUBG, my computer crashes, monitor no signals and i still hear it running ingame and my pc running. This is NOT a PSU error, it has something to do with temperature because whenever i play as soon as i play when PC is cold, it's fine, when it heats up, it...
  16. J

    Question Trying to update/fix/use things gives bsod.

    Everytime I try to update Windows 10 from version 1511 to a newer version, I get BSOD. Using Unreal Engine 4, sometimes I also get BSOD. Running chkdsk /offlinescanandfix causes BSOD. Is my hardware the problem? If so, what is the most likely cause? Thanks for the help guys.
  17. jlind456

    ringing noise is emitting from my pc

    hi . lately my pc is making a ringing noise like a high pitched hissing could dust buildup cause this? its bad cuz ive got tinnitus. my pc specs: asrock 870 extreme3 mb nvidia 1050ti gpu wdgreen ssd with w10 on it 16gb ddr3 ram 500watt thermaltake psu phenom ii x4 cpu soundblaster audigy fx...
  18. E

    Question My PC shuts "off" after boot up!

    My PC shuts off I mean it suddenly goes to "off" state it doesnt even show the shutting down screen. It turns off like power is cut even though there is no prblm with power. Idk if it is a software or hardware problem.It crashes after 2min in the first startup and then the time goes on...
  19. A

    Question BSOD PSHED

    Hello tomshardware, Over the last few weeks I've been getting occasional BSOD crashes whilst using my PC. This has happened during games and simply using the web browser. Since I don't know how to troubleshoot these things myself I'm looking for some advice on the steps I should take. I have...
  20. T

    Question PC lags constantly in games, and even when just browsing Chrome or my Desktop

    I know this might be a hardware issue, but it started happening out of nowhere. The first time it happened, I fixed it by factory resetting my PC, but I must have done something because now it's back again and this time worse. Before it only happened in games but now it happens in chrome, games...