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    [SOLVED] High CPU usage in Rainbow Six Siege and Stutters (CPU Bottleneck)

    Recently I bought a new screen (Asus VG278) and ever since then I have been having constant issues with lag. My FPS is completely fine varying from 150-220 but I seem to have stutters happening all the time. PC Specs RAM: 40 GB DDR4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X GPU: Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2080...
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    [SOLVED] Need advice for second monitor

    Hi im currently looking at buying a second monitor for gaming and general use this new monitor will be the primary display and my old one will be the secondary monitor. I've never setup or bought dual monitors before so im looking for advice on what monitor to buy. My current monitor is an Acer...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot attach power cord to external hard drive

    Hi! I'm Ed. I have an issue with a seagate 5 TB external drive that I had slipped off my laptop, not running, and now the power cord won't reattach. I have all my videos on there and would like to know, w/o having to spend a great deal of money, how I can access the info and transfer it to...
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    [SOLVED] New built computer turns on then off.

    Hi! I just built a new PC, and what happens is that the computer turns on for a few seconds, then turns off and repeat. I had everything connected right. I'm not sure if its the new moba or my new ram. The moba works fine if i take the RAM out but when i insert the RAM in (any slots), my PC...
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    New Custom PC Turns On, but it Does Not Boot

    I recently bought a whole new set of components to put together an Home Theater PC for myself. However, once I put all the parts together, the computer does not seem to boot. Here are the components: ■ Newegg.ca GIGABYTE GA-B250M-DS3H LGA 1151 Intel B250 ■ Newegg.ca Intel Celeron G4900 Coffee...
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    Haswell Viability as a Mid Range Gaming PC

    I have a semi-old Haswell build, parts at the end, that I have been thinking about upgrading. I have been having an occasional issue with it, but otherwise, she is a tank. Should I keep her or consider an upgrade? I use her for the occasional word processing or school project, but she is...
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    Diagnose my PC problem please (after clean install)

    I'm trying to diagnose my PC https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k_hGiWdAbx0 The problem is not the game but it gives a good demonstration It's not a video card problem It was way worse before I installed intel rapid storage technology but the computer behaviours bad out side the game too. It's...
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    Long string of Beeps on startup. Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming7 MoBo

    This began last night after a shutdown. Not much changed except me unhooking my second monitor (taking it to work with me.) The PC still boots and runs fine. The series of beeps is very hard to describe and goes on for upwards of 2:15. I've uploaded the video to youtube to better try to...
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    Processor compatibility. Dh57jg

    I picked up an lga 1156 mini itx board for cheap and was wondering if i can put a xeon in it like an x3470 or somthing like that as they are $30 vis the $100 for an i7. The website doesn't say xeons. And cpu upgrade says the chipset is only compatible with mobile processors.
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    [SOLVED] need help optimizing my pc

    so im new to pc gaming. when I play any game my screen looks like is vibrating when I move left to right and it really occurs in call of duty black ops 4 in blackout on the trees. my set up gigabyte ga-ax370m-ds3h radeon rx 580 amd ryzen 5 1600 six core processor corsair vengeance lpx ddr4...
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    Philips home theater

    Hi sir my philips HTS5520 5.1 home theater got DVD Player mother board dead.only 5.1 home theatre had easy fit connectors Now how can i use this 5.1 set Can any dvd player matches to this speakers or any amplifier.please tell me how can i use it