Question PC suddenly going through spells of slow performance


Mar 29, 2021
I've got a 3070 Ti rig that I've been using for quite a while, and I've been extremely satisfied with its performance. I get incredibly smooth framerate consistently on every game I play, but as of tonight, that is not the case. My PC has been going through this cycle of "5 minutes regular performance, 5 minutes of terrible performance", where in the "terrible performance" half of the cycle, the framerate is ABSURDLY bad, like if I had to guess, maybe 1 frame every few seconds. I'm pretty sure my drivers are up to date, and I don't know WHAT could have changed between using it yesterday and using it today, since yesterday it was performing completely normal. I tried applying a Windows update that I had been putting off as well, but alas, that did nothing either. Feels like it might've even made it worse. My task manager shows my GPU usage at 100% whenever my performance is terrible, and it shows it really low (20-40%, depending on the game), when performance is really high. Even in graphically intense games such as Mordhau, I'd normally get a consistent ~75 fps, but now every 5 minutes it seems my frames will drop to ~0.5 fps for about 5 minutes. I've checked all my cables, and I know it's not a power issue because my PSU has something like 200 watts more than I actually need. I also know it's not heat, because my GPU stays somewhere around 40-50c while gaming, even when the performance crumbles. I'm honestly stumped and would appreciate any help that could be offered.
AFAIK, ok. I don't know why they'd be high. I've got a 3700X with a wraith spire cooler on it so I highly doubt that'd be it. Where'd I check that though? Don't know that I have any CPU monitoring tech installed.
Download and install MSI Afterburner and set up the OSD(on screen display).

Or quickly go to and run the test. Link the results here after. It will give us a look at how your PC is performing. And it'll also tell us about your PC in general.