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May 1, 2015
Hello, and thanks for reading.

I am upgrading my i5 4690k MSI 970 build from 2015 and is currently considering an amd build.

Idealy I want a system which is on a platform open for upgrades for years to come. One of my mistakes in 2015 was the 1150 socket which left me with no upgrade paths for my 4690k.
Overclocking and Raytracing technology is not of importance to me. I want a system that will perform great at 1440p and/or 1080p. Total price listed below each build does include a monitor.

I am considering a few options. The more expensive options is an AMD 5 7600 build or a 12. gen Intel 12400 build. I am located in Norway, so I have to deal with norwegian prices for hardware, so the total cost will be higher than perhaps US builds of the same quality. The AM4 build is closed for future upgrades and I do feel that I am making the same mistake again by going to it. However, the total power of an AM4 build is such an upgrade from my current setup and I do feel it will remain relevante for years to come.
My monitor selection does set me back some dollars and I am open for suggestions there as well.
So, here are my suggestions. Please review them and if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve please let me know, cheers.

Hardware for all the builds:
GPU: RX 6800 PULSE Price: 707$
PSU: Cooler Master 80 Gold Plus 650 Price: 101$
Monitor: Samsung G5 1440p Price: 282$ at 30% off
SSD: WD Black SN850 1T 4. gen Price: 110$ at 47% off
Tower: Corsair 4000D Airflow Price: 120$

AM5 build
CPU: 5 7600 Price: 302$
Mobo: TUF Gaming B650-PLUS WIFI Price: 312$
RAM: DDR5 5200 cl-40 Fury Beast Price: 88

Total: 1964$

Intel 12400 Build:
CPU: Intel i5 12400 Price: 242$
Mobo: ASRock B-660 PRO RS Price: 163$
RAM: DDR4 3600 Corsair Vengeance LPX: 73$

Total: 1792$

AM4 build:

CPU: 5 5600 Price: 176$
Mobo: ASUS PRIME B-550 PLUS: Price: 179$
RAM: DDR4 3600 Corsair Vengeance LPX: 73$

Total: 1752$
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"future proofing" does not really work.
Two or three years down the road there will be new processor and motherboard combos that are more compelling upgrades.

Most likely, a gamer will upgrade the graphics card.
For any sort of modern card, a 650w psu is not going to suffice.
Look for at least a 850w psu with a 10 year warranty.
Look at seasonic focus or corsair rm.
Over provisioning is good.
A psu will only use the power demanded of it.

If gaming is your primary use, then look first to the single thread performance of the new processor.
Run the cpu-Z bench on your I5-4690K.
You should get a single thread rating of about 490:
R5-7600 is too new to be on the chart.
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May 29, 2018
The AM5 build is just a lot better then the other builds you mentioned. Yes, you are going to pay quite more when compared to the other builds, but you also get quite future proof build (performance wise). The cpu you mentioned - R5 7600 is amazing both for games and heavier workloads, very good motherboard and also RAM. I personally think that you can go with this build for quite a lot of years. I mean I was using R5 2600 for more than 4 years and no problem at all.

My suggestion
You could save some money and also not lose a lot of performance if any at all by buying R5 5600X with many good motherboard options for around 160USD/EUR and with higher freq. 16GB RAM (AMD love these higher freq. ram). The R5 5600X seems to be one of the best CPU choices for gaming but it also can handle basically any heavier workload or task. I was in love with the R5 2600 I owned, and it wasn't near good as the newer AMD CPUs.
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Here is few more options.

or ...
Intel Core i5-12400F

or ...
Intel Core i5-13400F
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Oct 25, 2021
Trying to insure you can upgrade for years to come may be an expense you could do without. In my experience, after 3 or 4 years, there are almost always new offerings and improved platforms. Why not build for the next three years? You can always plan for a new motherboard and cpu. I think a lot of us try to do what you want to do, but what may be available in the future is not predictable. Good Luck with whatever you do.