Privoxy won' n'start on Tor/Vidalia


Nov 22, 2010
Your article" Protecting your privacy online, anonymously" by Sean Kerner refers to a Vidalia bundle supposedly containing Privoxy.
I 'd like to know where I can download this bundle , because none of the bundles I found on line do actually contain Privoxy! They all contain Polipo and, unlike the screenshot in your article, Privoxy is not specifically listed as a part of the package. It baffles me!

Bottom line, I have installed the Tor/Vidalia proxy bundle on my Windows 7 and tried to install Privoxy 3.0.17 as a separate download . Unfortunately, when I try to start it , I get the following message :
"Fatal error: can’t bind Privoxy to 8118. There may be another Privoxy or some other proxy running on port 8118".

Obviously, I have never installed Privoxy before and I don't know which other proxies may be running on Port 8118. Where is the conflict?
Aside from Tor/Vidalia, the only other proxy I am running alternatively with Tor for anonymity is Jap-JonDo.

Can somebody tell me how can I fix this?

Thank you


Realize that you have to go to the Privoxy configuration file to enable listening on port 8118 for one or more of your network adapters. Just downloading and running it is insufficient. I haven't used Privoxy in a while, but I believe it’s either not bound to any adapter at first, or if it is, it's only the localhost ( So if Privoxy is running on a different machine from Vidalia, you'll need to add that IP address to the listen-address parameter in the Main Configuration file. Also, whether you’re running it locally or remotely, make sure you open the 8118 port on your firewall.


Jan 11, 2010
I don't believe privoxy is in the vidalia bundle any more. you can always go to the privoxy web site i download it seperately.