Question Problem trying to recover deleted files from a Bitlocker encrypted disk ?

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Jun 13, 2022
Hi all

I'm trying to recover videos from 2 external USB drives which are Bitlocker encrypted (one Seagate Backup Plus 4TB, and one Western Digital My passport Ultra 4TB) but results are quite bad.

After deleting the files (SHIFT+DEL) I did not write on the disks, so there shouldn't be any overwriting; nevertheless, recovery results are poor. I tried with at least 10 recovery software and more or less all of them are able to identify the same number of files on both disks, but when I attempt to recover them the larger Mp4 or MOV files are unplayable. Majority of them.

I can open the smaller AVI videos, but not the larger Mp4/MOV (larger than 1GB). I tried to open them on some HeX editor and the content appears mixed: no Mp4 signatures, no atoms, and no signs that they are video files, although they match in size the original files.

So, I'm wondering why this happened? Has it anything to do with BitLocker? Is there any possible way to try to restore my files? I tried the majority of the data recovery programs AND video repair programs but nothing worked.

I suspect the problem lies in how these files are located/recovered. Maybe is Bitlocker messing up? What to do then?

any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

(I use Windows 10 version 1909)

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