Mar 8, 2010

There is a problem i am going through, and need your help to fix it up.

When ever i am going to BIOS settings in my system, the monitor turns off (the orange light glows) but the CPU seems working.
My system went slow, there was some problem in working with Maya, i thought of formatting the system, even when i reboot the system with CD, the monitor shuts down.

The problem of monitor shutting down DOES NOT occurs when i work in windows. IT only happens while entering BIOS setting or Booting the System with CD. And when Monitor shuts down, on restarting by pressing the RESTART BUTTON , beep sound (around four times) is heard and the system fails to restart. The system starts properly ( very slowly) with the power button switched on directly.

Please help.


Dec 10, 2009
OK one possible thing could just be your type of monitor. Are you using a HDMI cable or the DVI/VGA cable? Are you using a television as your monitor?
I have a freind who uses a TV and a HDMI cable, and it only shows up on the TV from the Windows loading screen onwards.

Solution - to view the BIOS use a VGA connection.

Hope this helps, if not then I have no idea :S