Jun 9, 2015
I am going to replace my dead COOLER MASTER v650s PSU with MSI MPG A650GF.

OLD PSU: 120 mm fan, 140*150*86 mm
NEW PSU: 140 mm fan, 160*150*86 mm

The fan grille of old PSU fits exactly with the 115*115 mm ventilation panel at the bottom of my DEEP COOL case. I don't have the MSI yet, but using its images from net and supposing that the fan has been mounted in the middle of the PSU, about 2 cm of the fan will be covered by case (asymmetric facing of the fan and case openings).

Can this cause improper functioning of the fan/PSU and lead to overheating or other problems?
There are other available alternatives here with smaller size like my previous PSU, such as CORSAIR CX650F, ASUS TUF GAMING 650B, and XPG PYLON 650W. Do you think I should go with them?

I am a little bit meticulous in buying PC parts and trying to consider all aspects. Maybe I miscalculated something or maybe there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks in advance for your help.
That MSI unit is much better than the others you listed, of those you've mentioned I'd stick with that one.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, they are all ATX power supplies and so long as the length of the power supply isn't a problem for your case then there shouldn't be any issues. The vent on the bottom should be a standard configuration and should not be a problem. I've never seen any issues with any case intended for use with ATX compliant PSUs in that area.
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