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    Question Can you reccomnend me a case around 55€ (USD) ?

    Im looking for a decent case around 50€ max 60€. It can be windowed or nonwindowed. I also found one but i dont know if its good or not. Can you help me out ? Case i found: PC Specs: MOBO: ASUS PRIME B360-PLUS...
  2. I

    Question More fans

    Hi i need to buy new case and i found one that is good for my components but i has 4 preinstalled fans and my motherboard has only pins for 3 of them + cpu fan. So is there any way to connect them all?
  3. R

    Question Upgrades advise please

    So I built my first pc almost a year ago now and as I planned I’d like to upgrade it as I got a very entry level pc just to get my foot in the door. I’d like advise on what to upgrade 1st and some suggestions on the exact parts maybe?? My current parts: R3 2200G Gtx 1050 2gb Msi b350m 2 x 4gb...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] High Air pressure fans as front case fans in a NZXT H500

    I have purchased 2x Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 High Speed 2000 RPM 120MM fans Intend to use them as front case fans in an NZXT H500. The website advertises them as high-pressure fans. -Does this mean they are static pressure fans? -Would these be suitable...
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    Question Best static and airflow fans?

    I'm going to be building a new computer as soon as the Ryzen 9 drops. Along with the 3900X, I'll be using my R9 380 for the time being, six to eight drives, and likely a Gen 4 M.2 SSD in my Define R5 case. I'm starting to look around for parts now, but I'm still kind of a n00b when it comes to...
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    Question Good case for under 90Eur

    So I wanna upgrade a crappy computer case with a brand new. The PC parts are: -I7-8700k 4.5ghz -coolermaster masterliquid 240 lite -GTX 1080 Ti Phoenix -MSI Z370-a pro -2x8gb Kingston Predator 3200mhz -a lot of fans - like I have 10 120mm, which are not used -1 HDD, 1 Sata SSD I currently have...
  7. Question Raijintek Ophion evo case - Cooling advice & Temps

    Hello all, I have always wanted a powerful Micro ITX case and I recently made the jump of putting my high end components into the little Raijintek Ophion evo (With one small case modification to make it work) To the point with details and Specs 8700K stock (Due to temps) Zotac 1080ti Amp...
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    Question Does the MSI motherboard RGB software work if a rgb splitter cable is used?

    My MoBo (MSI Z370 pc PRO) has only one 12v rgb header and 4 PWM case fan headers along with a cpu fan and a pump fan header. My case has 4 led fans preinstalled (not rgb just red led) which i have connected to the 4 fan headers on the MoBo. i have connected Cooler master hyper 410 cpu cooler...
  9. holmesc

    Question Buying the right case

    Hey guys, i'll be heading to a local store to look at cases soon and I wanted to ask how many fans the B450 mother board...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] better fans or a better case

    Hi, right now i'm looking at Fractal design meshify C for a new build but I wonder if it better to get fractal design meshify S2 or is it better to upgrade the fans to 140mm? I don't need the extra space you get from meshify s2 and the price is almost the same 1-2$ differens the fans I'm going...
  11. Mr.Stork

    Build Advice Should I insert a front bottom fan or upper fan?

    I have Corsair Carbide Spec - 04 (Amazon link) (Corsair Link). I already have one rear fan installed, and one upper fan on top of the case. I'll get another one if required. Now my question is, I think there are three fan slots in the front, I could be wrong about the lowest one in front...
  12. nouriyahbal3lik

    Question need help to open front panel

    Hello, sorry for my english i have spirit of gamer deathmatch 5 as a desktop case i searched every where and tried every thing but i cant find out how to open the front panel my 3 front fans are becoming dusty and bit noisy if anyone knows how to open [ the spirit of gamer deathmatch 5 ] front...
  13. R

    Question Cheap High-airflow PC case for Hot CPU/GPU

    So i currently have a kolink obserbatory RGB which was originally for an FX 6300 and an RX 580. Recently i have upgraded my CPU, MB and cooler to an I7 9700K, Z390 ELITE and Corsair H100x. Due to the lack of headroom at the top the cooler was mounted on the front and for reasons im unsure about...
  14. T

    Question Need help picking out a new case that looks good and has great cooling

    So I've seen a few cases whilst some of them looked great; they either didn't support the radiator size I needed, too expensive & didn't have USB C. For instance I really like the Lian Li O11 Dynamic but I'm unsure as many people have said it's hit or miss in terms of the radiators fitting (I...
  15. Mo.R


    hi, i have a list of micro atx cases from cooler master, and i wanted to know which one is the quietest. the list is: masterbox-nr400, mastercase-pro-3. also, if there are quieter micro atx cases please let me know. thanks in advance
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    Question Cooler/case for a i7-8700 (non k) , RTX 2070 combo

    Hi.. Could someone suggest me a case and cooler for a new i7-8700/RTX 2070 build? I'm not a fan of RGB lightings. All i need is a decent looking case which allows my components to breathe better. Is a Cooler Master MB511/ Corsair Spec-06 a good choice? Will they be able to give a better air...
  17. Mo.R

    Question Micro atx in mid tower case

    Hi, might was wondering if a micro atx motherboard would look weird in a mid tower case. As I think there would be a lot of space left around it, if I don't do water Cooling or uservices an AIO. Is this true? I'm thinking of getting a be quiet case, because they are quiet, but they don't make...
  18. S

    Question Good air-flow case round 150€

    Hello Tom's HW community, I would like to ask your help to find the right case for what i need to do. If anyone of you has already a build like mine would be nice to here. I have Ryzen 2700x (stock cooler) with a Zotac 1080 Extrem, build in an Aerocool - 800 case. I want to change the case...
  19. Pythonbites

    Question Can i get away with having 1 exhaust fan temporarily??

    So, I'm building my new Ryzen 5 2600x build with the stock cooler. I'm using the Aerocool Cylon case. So, I have all the parts ready, but I haven't got enough for a graphics card for another couple of weeks. The case comes with a 120mm fan at the rear. So, could I get away with using a non...
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    Question Should I use all exhaust fans or all intake fans

    Hello, i have recently made my first pc and wondering what is the best case fan setup, i have the cougar Gemeni T, i have used the three front fan areas for my cpu radiator, so i only have 3 fans for the top and one for the back of the case, i was wondering should i use them all as exhaust fans...