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  1. E

    Question Corsair RM1000x vs RM1000e

    Does anyone know the difference and which one is better between these two power supplies (Corsair RM1000x and RM1000e). I know caps are different but they both have almost same price so don't know which one I should buy.
  2. Black7znova

    Question Alienware Area 51 R2 PSU 1500W died.

    Hi, my PSU just died . can I use other PSU brand like CORSAIR or anything in market? because I can't find original PSU Alienware Area 51 R2 at my area.
  3. A

    Question Can i turn off pc from psu switch everynight ?

    1) Does turning a pc off direclty from the psu switch when its on can short your motherboard ?? (Short circuit? 2) is it okey to turn off pc after shutdown from psu switch . Everynight ?? (If yes how long should i wait before pressing switch button on psu . 30 second . 1 minute ??? ......)
  4. KolegaNaCinkim

    Question My PC autostarts after i changed GPU

    Hi , some time ago i changed GPU form GTX 1070 to Rx 6600 XT , after that whenever I try to turn off my PC it autostarts , i seached everywhere in the system and I couldn't find fault with anything . To that time I'm just turning off my PC form the button on psu . I think it's something with my...
  5. NightApex_

    Question Is Corsair 450w PSU okay for a 1080 Ti ?

    Hello, I Have this specs: GTX 1060 3GB Ryzen 7 2700 2x 16gb ram 3200mhz A320m-K motherboard Corsair VS450 M.2 SSD Sata SSD I was wondering since i found a insane deal on 1080ti if i would be able to run the GTX 1080ti on 450W psu i know its not enough i just want to start the PC and Watch...
  6. Saithies2

    Discussion HP TG01 Power Supply Upgrade WIP

    So I got the HP TG01-2003W gaming computer pretty cheap. It games nicely but basically locks you out of any meaningful upgrades besides ram and storage space. Since other HPs have proprietary connectors that are overcome by an adapter cable like this one...
  7. S

    Question Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W or Evga 700w white

    hello everyone, could you give me some advice on which of these two power supplies is better for gaming, my pc rx 6600, i5 12400, ssd 320gb, hdd 2tb, m2 nvme 500gb, 16gb ram, if you could give me some suggestion you power up to $ 80 thank you
  8. Question Separate PSU for GPU

    Years ago I bought a pre-built computer, the hp envy 795, and the specs are an i7-8700, RX 580, 16 Gb ram, and a 400W PSU. I recently bought a 3060ti to replace the RX 580, and a corsair CX750F to replace my PSU as I need more power for the card. As I was going to replace the PSU I realized that...
  9. Z

    Question USB ports dying one by one ?

    Hello! My computer was working greatly about 6 months ago but then I bought a Dual Sense controller and started using it with a USB cable, worked nicely for some weeks but for some reason none of the USB was recognizing the controller anymore, I gave up and started using a Bluetooth dongle...
  10. A

    Question PC Not Booting Properly

    Specs: RYZEN 5 1600 ASUS B350-F Gaming MB Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB EVGA GTX 1060 6GB EVGA G3 550W Gold Certified I built this system Four years ago, after a Few months I noticed I had to press down the Start button 2/4 times to boot up my PC. I thought this is a button issue but now I realize...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Running a GPU with a PSU that is below the recommended wattage.

    I have a 3080 which requires a 850w power supply which I want to install in my current system which only has a 650w power supply. I just need to do basic stuff with my computer(web browsing, zoom calls), I do not plan to game or do anything major while I am waiting for my new psu. Is it okay to...
  12. M

    Question PC randomly turned off and on

    Right now I was playing doom eternal and my PC all of sudden turned off and immediately on.It wasnt restart,all my fans stopped and rgb went out,which usually stay on when I am restarting pc. Like PC went out of power and got it back but how did it start again then? This has never happened...
  13. IneedToUseSomeNewName

    [SOLVED] I need help with PSU

    Greetings! Here is the problem. I have HP EliteDesk 800 g1 twr https://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/c03808397 . It has : -CPU: i7 1770 -Nvidia GeForce GT 730 -160 gb SSD, 500gb HDD -motherboard looks like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/203497782305 . -320 PSU...
  14. 1

    [SOLVED] PSU gets loud when playing in 4k --- is this norma l?

    sooo i play in 4k whenever a new game comes out but after some time into gaming my PC gets loud and i found that the sound is mostly coming from the PSU is it normal for my PSU to be that loud after a couple hours playing in 4k? i think i bought the PSU back in 2018 but these things last awhile...
  15. X

    [SOLVED] rave lights on power up then lights disappear after 2 sec

    Made a new pc build today. CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X CPU Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo V2 62 CFM Motherboard: MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGM Pro SL 32gb (16x2) DDR-3600 HDD: WDBlack 4TB 3.5" 7200RPM SSD: Crucial P1 1TB m.2-2280 NVME SSD GPUL: EVGA GeForce 3060TI 8GB FTW2 Ultra...
  16. Fabrizio01352

    [SOLVED] Does anyone know what this cable is for?

    This cable came with my power supply, but I do not know what it is for, it is 4 pins: (images)
  17. Jahck

    [SOLVED] Gpu having power and fps drops

    Hi everyone, i need some help... this is my first post so go easy on me xd well basicly it turns out that for a week and a half, my computer has had a recurring problem in terms of performance. In games, whether online or offline and with low or high gamma, my pc is giving me fps drops where...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] PC dies when gaming

    I've recently started getting this problem, where when playing games my monitor just goes black (no hdmi signal) and pc starts making louder noise, I can hear whatever is happening on the pc but I cant see anything and next time I boot up my PC everything is normal until I play a game and the...
  19. Shibatsu

    Question Power supply noise ( video )

    Hello, I recently purchased a prebuilt PC (was the only way to get a decent graphics card). I noticed that the PSU is making a buzzing? sounds, is this normal or can it be harmful to other components? I've only noticed the sound when the PC is under some load ( like gaming ), haven't really...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] PC Update new Power Supply?

    Hey guys, i update my system with a new case, better cpu(5 1600 -> 5600x), mainboard and ram. Everything else stays the same. My Power supply is the be quiet! Pure Power 10 500W 80PLUS SILVER and it is 3,5 Years old. It has enough power for my system i guess but my question is, should i change...
  21. Roxifellian

    [SOLVED] Is the ASRock z590 Pro4 worth upgrading?

    Hi so I'm building a new pc after a few users suggested that I upgrade instead of just slapping a 3070 in my 2015 rig. Here is what I have so far: - i7 11700k - 16gb (2x8gb) Vengeance Pro (RGB) 3600mhz - ASRock z590 Pro4 - EVGA Supernova 750 GT - Noctua NH-U12S - Thermaltake view 71 TG...
  22. StaciRexik

    [SOLVED] Can't choose the right PSU

    Hellou guys, am planning buy new PSU but am not sure which one, can anybody help me ? I was wondering about these two -/ Gigabyte aorus P850W - https://www.gigabyte.com/Power-Supply/GP-AP850GM#kf Fractal Design ION Gold 850W -...
  23. U

    [SOLVED] Possible problem with power supply for when pc demands much power

    Hello, my computer is functioning weirdly when required a lot of power(e.g. Ureal engine 4). it will suddenly disconnect every output (including mouse, keyboard, headset, screen, speakers, ethernet cable, and on/off button). I waited and waited but never reconnected. The only way to set the pc...
  24. A

    Question Help Troubleshooting PC that won’t boot. GPU fried??

    Hi all, I know there are some similar discussions(which I’ve read) to this post. So apologies for that, just wanted to get some extra input on my situation in case anyway had some tips I had not thought of. About a month or two ago, my pc(5+ year old build) finally kicked the bucket during use...
  25. B

    [SOLVED] Is it fine to use a extension cord and a multi-outlet on a high end computer

    My computer runs from a 750W Fractal Design: Edison Modular PSU - 80 Plus Gold, Ryzen 5 5600X and a Asus TUF 3070 OC. I was thinking about moving my PC to the other side of the room, but that would require a extension cord and a multi-outlet would this work for a 750Watt PC or would this causes...
  26. Emranaaa

    Question Who can build my 3600/3060ti for me?

    I’ve had built it my self but I’ve been getting weird clicky noises from my power supply and the case fans make: (non motherboard connected fans) really speeds when the clicky noise from the psu happens and the cpu/motherboard fans will stop functioning while the case fans function View...
  27. ml0d

    [SOLVED] anyone can help

    my gpu temp on idle is 40C and when i play games like battlefield 1 my temp stick on between 65-70 and then the pc crash is the crash from the gpu? i tried to speed the gpu fans but the gpu gets more hot and crashes even faster while playing games RTX 2060 MSI VENTUS RYZEN 3600 MSI B450 RAM...
  28. maybeDavey

    Question I have a really weird graphics problem, and it's driving me nuts.

    I have a very strange problem with my computer, first I will give you my pc specs and then I will tell you the story. Old PC: Non Modular 500W Thermaltake PSU (Replaced by Non Modular 600W EVGA 80 Plus) Motherboard ASUS M578LM-USB3 CPU FX-6100 CPU Cooler AM3 Stock GPU GT-710 (Replaced by...
  29. T

    [SOLVED] My PC randomly restarts, Is my PSU the problem?

    My gaming pc randomly restarts while gaming. I have been using my gaming pc for about 5 months and recently I have moved my pc to the opposite corner of my room. Since then my pc has been crashing while playing Rainbow 6 Siege and Other games and will instantly restart. I have a SG 650W Gold...
  30. V

    Question burning smell from PC

    Hi, I recently upgraded from an older i5 4460 + GTX 1050 to a i5 10400 + 1660 super. A few days ago, I noticed a burning smell one night while playing flight simulator, so I immideately shut the PC down. I then opened the case, and ran flight simulator multiple times to stress the hardware and...
  31. P

    [SOLVED] Computer still crashing after new hardware

    Story: I built a PC about 2 years ago and had a series of bad luck while using it. In all my time living in the US the power never cut off until after I got my PC. The machine has had about 3 power interruptions while being used. Now I don't remember when exactly the PC started crashing but for...
  32. JOshua12444

    [SOLVED] Is 650 watts power supply enough for 3070 and ryzen 7 5800X

    Is 650 watts enough for the 3070 Ventous 3X OC and for the cpu. Is the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU (it’s a 5000 series CPU) ENOUGH FOR A 650 watts power supply the power supply I’m choosing is the 650 Watt - Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB - 80 PLUS Gold, Fully Modular IS THAT ENOUGH PLEASE HELP
  33. S

    Question GPU light blinking

    Hii, about a month ago this issue started , my monitor screen would go black and my Gigabyte Aorus GPU ,the Aorus LED keeps blinking but the PC is running with full power. I have done all sorts of troubleshoots etc . This very new Issue for me , never faced this issue ever before so i dont know...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] My pc has been crashing whenever there is some load on the GPU like benchmark and games. Can someone help me with this.

    Ryzen 5 2400g GTX 1660 Amp (Zotac) 16gb 2400hz ram (dual channel) 450w Thermaltake litepower psu My psu has 1, 8 pin connector and 1, 6 pin connector, but my computer parts vendor has connected the GPU using an adapter which converts 2 lp4 4 pin connector to a 8 pin connector. Is it this causing...
  35. H

    [SOLVED] Why does the 6 pin not fit?

    I just got the rtx 3070 because I used to have the 1060 and I wanted to put it in my prebuilt pc but when I tried to plug in the 6 pin and the 6+2 pin, the 6 pin from the 8 pin does not fit, it goes in halfway but then gets stuck and won’t go further. I tried using a bit of force but whatever I...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] Can I use a 600W power supply through a 500VA UPS safely?

    I am looking forward to buy a PC that has a 600W power supply. I have a 500VA, 250W capacity UPS. If the capacity of the UPS is lower than the watts the power supply might use, is it safe to use this UPS, or should I get another one? Of course I don’t plan to game while running the PC on the...
  37. Giras

    [SOLVED] help to upgrade psu !!

    hi im gonna upgrade my Cm masterwatt 650 and replace with more W for future but cant decide what psu to get also gonna rerplace soon mobo and cpu - probably with new ryzen zen 3 and after gpu also so not sure how much i will need can anyone help me with decision and what brand was think 850w...
  38. W

    Question PC boots then fails

    I start my pc, it boots, then fails, then boots again(on its own) and then fails again and it wont let me turn it on unless I pull out the psu cable and wait 60 second,plug it back in and then it boots up normal and plays every game and does everything fine... What seems to be the problem? I...
  39. Deranged_Aathma

    Question Power Supply Loud Grinding noise while Gaming

    Recently I assembled a gaming PC and installed games such as GTA V, Assassin's Creed Unity etc. I mostly play GTA V and my graphics settings are set to high. But after few minutes into gaming a very loud grinding noise begins to be heard, low at first and gradually increasing to a very, I repeat...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] Whining coming from EVGA Supernova 750W+ 80 PlusGold

    So when I just use my computer for normal stuff like watching YouTube and Twitch everything is fine, but when I start playing any game you can just hear the whine sometimes super loud, I’ve heard people say this means to get a new power supply but I bought the parts and built this pc just 7...