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  1. E

    Question PC doesnt get power

    Hello..i just build i new PC and when i turn it on without the grafics card the pc works fine but when i pluged it in and press the power button it doesnt starts and then when i remive the grafics card it doesnt get any power. It did start one time only with the grafics card that i installed the...
  2. D

    Question Random Shut Downs

    My computer is randomly shutting down. It has been doing this frequently, and will sometimes stop (Only to return the next day). But now, I only have 10 to 20 minutes before a total shutdown. It is not overheating (I have 5 fans on it and I keep the room cold), and my power supply is 500W. I...
  3. P

    Question Pc won’t turn on. Please help :)

    Hello guys, recently i ran into a problem with my pc. Once while playing a game the pc crashed. It wasn't shutting down but it was just like if he had no power for a split second and everything tuned off immediatly, like if u unplug the cable. After that he booted up normal and everything was...
  4. MPayjay

    [SOLVED] PSU wattage recommendation for later upgrade?

    I'm currently getting everything together for a new PC (using some old parts from my old one). My new PC will be 3700x Ryzen (not OC) 32gb 3200 DDR4 x570 motherboard 1080ti EVGA SC2 (not OC) 2 SSDs (500gb and 1tb) 1 HDD (5400 RPM) 3 120mm fans 2 144mm fans The plan is to eventually...
  5. D

    Question Will my power supply still be adequate?

    I currently own and use an EVGA 650 GQ 80+ Gold. The PSU is overkill for my current system, but I am about to upgrade and wanted to know if it would be necessary to upgrade my PSU as well. I'm wanting to upgrade to a Ryzen 3700x, the Zotac 2080 AMP, and an Asus Prime X470-Pro Mobo. I...
  6. W

    Question Which PSU to choose?

    Hello and thank you for your time. I am building a new PC and I am not sure if my PSU can handle all of the components. Do I need to upgrade to the 750w or 850w? I will list each component below. POWER: NZXT E650 Gold Digital GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K...
  7. OscarMarrink

    Question GPU wattage

    Hello, I’ve got a question I have a power supply of 450 watt I want to buy a graphics card that uses 215 watt but it says minimum required PSU is 650 watt am I still able to get it because it uses 215 watt or do I really need 650 watt? inno3d geforce rtx 2070 super gaming oc x3 Unreleased...
  8. M

    Question is 500 watt good?

    is 500watt psu ok for this configur? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mrdpyX
  9. Tegu6

    Question Cx550m 80+ bronze vs Thermaltake smart 700w 80+ white

    Which power suply would be better for me?: -Amd ryzen 7 2700 -Rtx 2060 -Hdd 2tb -Ssd 240gb -5 fans 120mm -16gb ram Both power suplies are at the same price
  10. M

    Question Are 650watts enough ?

    Hello guys. Im going to build that pc. ryzen 3600 Msi x470 carbon 16 gb trident Z DDR4 3200mhz Rx 5700 XT Etc etc Is corsair tx650m enough?
  11. T

    Question Laptop power cuts out and restarts after plunging it into the charger

    I could do with some help finding the cause of this, every time i pug my laptop into the charger it cuts out after about 5-10 seconds. The odd part about this is, when need for speed undercover is open (being played, or open in the background) it doesn't cut out. this is the same for some other...
  12. B

    Question PSU makes a loud pop when i turn on my AVR

    my PSU makes a loud pop with a spark whenever i turn on my avr, however the PC still works, if i turn off the AVR (after just onning it) and then turn it on back again the pop doesn’t occur, if i wait awhile (few hours) and on it the pop occurs, so my question is, should i replace my psu? i’m...
  13. C

    Build Advice Bad motherboard or power supply

    So today i bought a ryzen 2600 and tried to pair it with a B350 Plus motherboard, but to my surprise when i hooked up everything the only thing that worked were the red LEDs on the motherboard (no fans and the computer wouldnt start) Im just wondering if this board is defective or is my power...
  14. N

    Question GIVE ME A GOOD AND CHEAP FIX PSU FOR GTX 760(dual 6 pin)

    Hey guys i just need proper solution not a suggestion like getting a new psu ..... the problem is i have a 550 w all 30 A no company PSU and it does not have a 4 pin or 6 pin and i want to power my 760. can i use molex to 6pin + 6pin to dual 6pin
  15. P

    Question Crashing of the PC in different situations

    Hello all. I have a small problem that gets worse over time. The problem is that the PC crashing completely, I can not do anything in a given situation, the only option is the RESET or POWER OFF button. Sometimes I have to wait several seconds, because even after the reset and PC running I have...
  16. sstefann

    Question BE QUIET! Pure Power 11 600W CM PSU

    Hello, I am considering buying a new PSU since my current one seems to be too loud, and this be quiet one caught my attention since it seems to be quiet and efficient and also affordable (80 eur) So are there any better PSU's for the similar price and wattage ( i only have 1 graphics card so I...
  17. A

    Question PC keeps shutting down with new PSU

    Hi, I have recently bought a new PSU because I am planning to buy a new graphics card. My old PSU wouldn't have been powerful enough to supply the whole system. So I bought the BeQuiet Pure Power 11 500W PSU and installed it. After powering up the PC it shut down. At first I thought it was just...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] RX 580 or GTX 1070 for 450W PSU?

    Hi, I recently got a system without a gpu and am looking to upgrade it. I am deciding between an XFX RX 580 4GB and a Zotac GTX 1070. The cost is irrelevant. I just want to know which one will draw less power. Thanks. Specs- i7 4770K@stock Stock cooler ST45-SF-G (450W) 16gb 1600mhz 250gb ssd...
  19. ikanishk

    Question PC shutting down often

    Whenever is use Adobe Lightroom or photoshop or open too many tabs in chrome, my PC goes off. I even checked my task manager, it shows very high in power usage and 99% in memory and sometimes high % in disk too. Can anyone help me figure out the issue and how can I fix it?
  20. S

    Question what can cause a collapse in USB voltage?

    Hi everyone! I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 mainboard with a Corsair RM750i power supply. I was noticing the other day that my USB devices disconnect at random so I investigated a bit further. I measured the voltage at any given USB port which is 5.06V. However, when I'd connect a load (I...