Question PSU doesn't turn off when you shutdown windows

Richard Hayward

May 27, 2013
So I just built an inwin A1 with the included 600watt PSU ( will upload photos tomorrow). Everything seems to work except when I shutdown windows 10 the computer doesn't turn off.
The power button works to turn it off and on and when you select shutdown the HDMI turns off. However the PSU fan keeps spinning the CPU fan keeps spinning etc. Looks like the motherboard still has full power I guess. HDD and SSD are both working properly and CPU/RAM.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this or any clue why this would happen, I've never seen anything like this on a brand new PSU. Is it possible for windows 10 to cause this issue?

Any help would be much apprechiated :)

Inwin A1 + PSU
Z77 extreme asrock itx motherboard.
Cooler Master ML120L
DDR3 RAM 8GB 2x 4GB sticks.
1x SSD 240gb
1x 500GB 2.5" HDD
Jun 16, 2019
I do not have those units but I would advise you to check advanced bios/uefi settings for power states and disable them. A few of the advanced states supported by your motherboard would be refreshing some parts of your system. I may not be 100% correct; but, I believe "deep sleep" is the state you want if you do not want any power to go anywhere while your OS is off.

Btw, some PSUs also keep themselves on for a while like microwaves just to cool itself more for a few more seconds or minutes before going to idle state. I think best way to check the situation is that, unplug every PSU connector, just plug into wall socket, start the PSU with the green+ground pin method, let it run 10s, stop it and see the behavior.