May 24, 2009
(I posted this in the wrong place before, if anyone knows how i can get it deleted please tell :) )

Hi, i'm new to overclocking and i would appreciate some help.
Here is my build (the bits that matter).

Asus P5k-E motherboard
OCZ Titanium Series (800MHz at 4-4-4-15) .. thats default..
Q6600.. currently at 3GHz. (333 x9 with 1.35v)

The current temps under load (Prime95 for about 1 hour) are around 57Deg

I am wanting to get a 1:1 ratio by making the cpu run at 400x8 making it 3.2GHz.
If i attempt this it will blue screen before windows boots up.
so i raised the voltage goint to the cpu to 1.4 and i can boot up but after about 30 seconds of Prime95 my 2nd core stops working.
i also raised my NB voltage to 1.5

All this no no avail. If anyone can make any usefull comments or give me any tips i would be very grateful. thanks