Oct 7, 2004
hello folks out there i will be building a computer to run FSX flight sim and i have read several articles and threads on this matter.

i will be using the Q660 chip, and i plan to overclock it, never really done any overclocking before .

but with that said i really need to know what good mother board will do the job and what do you recommend as a god vid card and hard drive, and ram.

i will have about 1300 bucks to spend.

as for the case i probably will go with a water cooled system for i have built them before.

im more concearned about the quad core , ram and hard drive, and vid card.

i want the right equiptment to get the most out of FSX.



Dec 28, 2008
Well, I actually just built a system with a Q6600 and a GTX 260 and i'm quite happy... I also used a Seagate 500Gb HDD. The only thing that I would have done differantly, is gotten the 216 instead of the 192core. ( I don't think the performance level is much differance, but its like, well I spent that much money, I might as well had spent a little more or something) For my Mobo I used a Asus P5Q pro...i'm really not sure how good it is, but from what I've heard, its a tight little overclocking board for a good price, and I'm happy with it.
IDK I hope some of that helps you out there.


Nov 5, 2008
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard - $136

Q9550 CPU - $319

Gskill 4 gigs of ram - $40

WD6401AALS 640 Gig HD - $80

DVD Burner - $23

PC Power & Cooling 750W PSU - $100 ($70 after MIR)

Cooler Master Case - $50

Sapphire 4870X2 Video Card - $490

Xigmatek CPU Cooler - $37

Xigmatek Retention Clip - $9

This comes in around $1325. I don't think you could build a better PC for gaming for that cost considering you can easily OC this to 3.6 - 3.8 on air with the Xigamtek Cooler.

Good Luck



Honestly every things looks good on serpents list except the video card. FSX runs significantly better with nvidia products due to their drivers and product support. I would also invest in another hard drive to run raid 0. Don't forget to leave some cash to purchase a yoke and some rudder pedals. happy flying.