Question about Connecting Cooler Fan + 4 Case Fans to EVGA E758 Mobo


Jun 12, 2009
I am looking at the product manual for my motherboard and it says that it has 6 fan connections:

1. CPU Fan
2. Power Fan
3. Chipset Fan
4. Aux Fan
5. Chassis Fan
6. System Fan

My first question is this. Does my CPU cooler connect to the PSU or to the motherboard or to both via a wire connection? The user manual for my cooler (the Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V), the one posted online (, does not say anything about where to connect the Cooler, although it does say that it has a 4 pin with PWM; not sure what that means. I'm guessing I just connect the cooler via 1 wire to the CPU Fan input on the mobo, but I want to be sure.

Second, what do I use the Power, Aux, Chassis, and System fan connections for?

The Coolermaster HAF Full tower comes with 4 fans, so I'm trying to figure out if and where I need to connect them to the mobo (do they also require a direct connection to the PSU?)

Here is the product manual for my motherboard:

Pages 15 and 30 are the only relevant pages I believe. I don't have access to the case's manual, but I would like to know if it is possible to answer this question at least partially simply by reference to the mobo manual.



Apr 17, 2009
Well, some CPU coolers do connect with the PSU to draw power, some don't (if I recall correctly). Whatever the case, shouldn't that be obvious after you've taken the cooler out of the packaging? If it has to connect to the PSU, you'll see a standard PSU plug.

In all cases, the cooler connects to the motherboard so as to forward temperature info. Hope this helps!