Jul 6, 2006
so I *finally* managed to format my pc (all by myself - very proud;))

it all went well, apart from just one thing - my graphics card

I'm using a GeForce 6600 gt and before the format it worked just fine (still does, driver's the problem)

anyways. I installed the driver from the cd that was sent with (which works). but as it's an old driver I went to get the new one from

graphics card - GeForce and TNT2 - windows XP / 2000

as my xp edition was bought in norway I chose the "international" download (also tried the Us english one, but doesn't work that either)

anyways. to the problem. I do as they recommend (del current graphics card drivers) and then double click on the package to start the process. it all goes fine until the last few steps (well, I think they're the last few steps). NVIDIA has been shown full screen and there starts another installation. oddly enough it starts at like 55%. and does not budge from this point on. it takes like 1 min, then the screen goes black. sometimes it comes on again, then it goes "bing, bing", then turns off:p

sometimes when I then try to get into windows I am not able to do so (so load a system save (whatever that's called in English ) - systemoppretting in Nrwegian anyway

hope you guys can help me !! would be forever grateful !

oh, and some additonal info:

using norman virus control
MSI motherboard (should I try and update these drivers maybe ? (can't get into their site atm though)


Jan 12, 2006
Did you disable your virus program before running the driver update? You should!

Also, did you restart your pc after uninstalling the old drivers? Sometimes it takes a restart for windows to totally remove the old drivers before you install the new ones.

Oh, and updating your chipset drivers is always a good idea. Helps reduce compatibility problems with newer hardware.