Regedit how to remove generic host process for win32 services

You may be able to fix the problem with the following bat script that edits out the registry error that's causing the Generic Host (svchost.exe) problem.

Windows Generic Host Error Removal Tool By TroubleFixers

If that doesn't help, you may try one of the following fixes

Solutions for Generic Host Process errors.

Solution for «Generic Host Process Svchost.exe» problem

FIXED Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem……..

Fixing Generic Host Process Errors

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error – Solutions to fix it
Just to clarify: You can't remove Generic Host Process (SVCHOST.EXE), it's the Windows Services loader and Windows can't work without it's services. If it's having errors you can repair it but not remove it. You could also run "SFC /SCANNOW" on a Command Prompt window with the installation CD/DVD in the optical bay and it will repair any corrupte or missing system files. To open a Command Prompt Windows: Start \ Run \ Type "CMD" (no quotes) and hit Enter, or Start \ Programs \ Accesories \ System Tools \ MS-DOS

System File Checker (sfc)

What is “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services?!?”