Question RX 6700 XT 12GB GDDR6 Pulse and Seasonic 550w PSU Focus Platinum


Jun 8, 2018
So guys i know that this topic is discussed often but for a piece of mind im gonna start it again ...
as the title says right now i have i wanna know if my psu 550w Focus platinum is enough for a Rx 6700xt Sapphire pulse edition my rest of the system is a r5 2600x , asus x470 prime pro , 16gb gskill 3200 cl14 , 512gb nvme adata ssd (plus 500gb evo gaming drive and 2tB firecuda hybrid , 4tb toshiba ) plus 7 case fans (including the freezer 33 esports duo edition cpu fan), furthermore my monitor is aoc g2590fx 144hz.
right now i have a rx 580 nitro+ but because rx 580 it starting show age , and because i just found that the rx 6700xt right now at 495 euro im thinking to make the jump.
ALso i would like to add that if i buy the 6700xt ... in the next months im gonna buy a r5 5600x , and 2x8 kits of 16gb ram to balance my system and maybe a 1440p monitor 165 (27) at the end.
Finally have noticed in the past that my psu had a slight coil whine when the fan was working hard.. though the last few months i havent heard it but maybe because its summer right now and the case fans working harder it was noticeable in the winter though when the rest of the case fans where more silent.....
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Well, in this situation I'd go ahead and suggest getting the 5600x or the 5700
right now and a new psu. In Europe you've still got a lot of room to come down like everywhere else.

Replace the psu before you get a new gpu, the new cpu might give you a few extra frames
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