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Forum discussion tagged with sapphire.
  1. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Ram running slow?

    Cpu-Z frequency: 798.4 Mhz (DDR4-1596) Its ddr4 3200mhz ram and only running at idk... I enable XMP profile 1 like a guy told me on a forum and still running slow?
  2. yullbarez

    Question My GPU's Fans are stopping working in load.

    Hi. I have a problem. I have Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit model GPU. It has 3 fans when fan speed pass around %90 2 of 3 fans are stopping working after 1 minutes. Are my fans are dying? What can i do? Thanks.
  3. knight sharma

    Question Building a new custom Rig

    I'm planning to build a new custom rig(Only MB, RAM, Processor,Graphic Card). I have a budget of INR 25k-30k. My main work over the system would be Video editing only no gaming. Processor could be Core i3 or i5. Graphic card as required.
  4. decoyout1

    [SOLVED] One of two fans in Sapphire RX Nitro+ 470 8GB Just died

    Well, im little bit worried about my gpu. I bought the GPU yesterday, When I receive it, the second fan did just broken and it wont spinning. I tought it wasnt a big problem since the first fan can spin and after that I replaced the thermal paste with MX-4. The problem is when Im test it with...
  5. C

    Question RX590 Sapphire on a Z400 ?

    Hello everyone. Thanks for taking a precious time helping me. I wanted to order a new RX590 Sapphire Nitro+ Limited Edition to make it work with my computer, but I've seen in some forums that I can't work on non-UEFI motherboard (which I suppose is my case). I don't have anywhere on the BIOS to...
  6. K

    Question Restart loop after installing gpu driver.

    Hi everyone, Recently my Sapphire r9 270x Toxic 2GB OC Edition not working properly. The problem : OS (Win 10) goes into restart loop after installing graphics driver. What i have done so far : So i uninstall Graphics driver using DDU while on safe mode. Then restarted my pc and GPU works...
  7. ClassV

    Question Upgrading PC for around 900 CAD, looking for a second opinion/insight.

    Basically, before I buy anything just wanted to hear anything some other techies might think about what I'm doing here, because not may people around me can help too much. Currently running my system with an i5 6600k, Sapphire Nitro RX 480 4G, 16GB ram, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, along with 650W...
  8. C

    Question System not reading GPU temps. Fans going to 100% speed suddenly. System shuts down.

    Hi! So, I've an R9 380x in my PC, and for the past month and a half or so, I've been experiencing this issue. Whenever I run a game, after about 20 mins or so, the system stops reading GPU temperatures and the GPU fans would just go to 100% speed. I installed AMD Wattman and it wouldn't work...
  9. b3n1

    Question Why is my PC Gaming performance poor?

    Hello dear Everyone, I have no idea why games like Apex Legends run with fps drops and such, I did a clean Windows install on my pc but still not smooth image as I expect it. My rig is: MSI A320M Gaming Pro (will Upgrade to B450M) AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT 6GB (new version, no...
  10. L

    Question Painting the fan shroud of the Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+

    Hello all, I'm not experienced with paints. What kind of spray paints and other supplies would I need for the fan shroud of the Nitro+?
  11. himanshu99

    [SOLVED] Where to find replacement for a 10A Fuse for a Sapphire Rx 480 Gpu

    Hello everyone I have a Rx 480 Gpu which died while playing games after looking at some youtube videos i tested my GPU and found out that 2 of my 10A fuse ( View: https://imgur.com/a/lXI3w7x ) Please can anyone help me find a replacement for them or what are they exactly called Please check...
  12. W

    Question Sapphire RX590 Nitro+ Wattman Issue

    Hi everyone! I got an issue. I play games and display suddenly turns off itself but my pc is still working. I can't do anything. I have to restart my pc. Can anyone help me? My PC specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+ 8 GB MSI B450M Pro-M2 V2 Corsair DDR4 8x2 GB 3000MHz...
  13. johnx125

    Question Striped and solid color screen crashes during any type of GPU workload

    I have a Sapphire R7 370 Nitro 4Gb about 5 years and it has been overclocked almost since day one (core 1020MHz, memory 1500MHz). So.. lately I've encountered this issue a number of times, whenever I play a game, watch a live stream etc, the computer crashes to a striped screen and any sound...
  14. ReaperXXIII

    Question Pc crashes into black screen before loading

    OK, this it's a big issue to me, I built my own pc one year and 4 months now, I live in South America so here it's expensive like twice the price of North America, so if something died I'm f'ed up cuz it'll take me a while to get the money for it. These are the specs: ryzen 3 2200g Asus b450...
  15. M

    Question SAPPHIRE RX 5700 XT nitro+ sagging?

    Hello guys. Does anyone know if the sapphire rx 5700 xt nitro+ needs a GPU holder? thanks in advance.
  16. yullbarez

    Question My GPU is Overheating

    Hi, i have Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit GPU. My CPU is bottlenecks with that GPU and i can only get %60-65 GPU usage. But even if it's bottlenecks, the temps around 70-75 celsius. GPU fan speed is around %40-45 auto. Is that normal? Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon X5450 3.00 GHz MB: Asus...
  17. yullbarez

    Question Is it safe to use Molex To 8-Pin Adapter For R9 280X?

    Hi, i have Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit GPU, but it have 8+8 Pin power connectors(i've tried to run 8+6 leds and fans are fine but no display in the result of my search that card can only run with 8+8 Pin.) to run but i have only 8+6 Pin. Now, i'm looking for a Molex To 8-Pin...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Cannot overclock my GPU it goes back to base clock (RX580)

    I have a Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8G GPU and for some reason it wouldn't go over 1250 mhz even though it supposed to go up to 1411 mhz boost clock. I tried to overclock it but every time I set a clock speed and apply it, it instantly reverts back to 1250 mhz. I tried it in Adrenalin and MSI...
  19. Syzhar

    Question PCIE Didnt detected GPU but its powering it up

    I just bought Sapphire RX470 4GB OC when i connect it for the first time it works but the fan spinning so fast, im afraid to continue to use it and try to replace the thermal paste that turned out to be dry af. after i change the thermal, i connect it again and its powering up, the fan spin and...
  20. Z

    Question New gpu, green screen, flickering? (Rx 580)

    I recently bought an RX 580 as well as a new power supply, and upon my first test of them both in the computer, I noticed the screen is at a different resolution. I’m assuming that’s nothing new for every new graphics card and is fixable with a few clicks once everything’s situated, but...