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  1. Question RX 580 doesn't let me enter motherboard UEFI/BIOS

    Ok this shit happened with 2 of my build. 1 build ( I had i5 3470 so had intel iGPU). 2nd build is with Ryzen 2600. In both builds, if I try to enter bios with the gpu, it does not enter. Rather I see my keyboard numlock key getting stuck. If I do not press anything, then the Windows starts...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Stable Sapphire RX580 OC?

    Does anyone have a stable RX580 OC profile you'd recommend? I've got a Sapphire Nitro+ SE RX580 8GB
  3. binar00

    Question RX 580 only works with DVI

    so i upgraded my RX 550 2GB to an RX 580 8GB and i was using 2 monitors with the RX 550 with no problem ( one is DVI and the other using HDMI to VGA adapter) the computer works fine with DVI played few pubg matches and bf1 too, but then i turned it off and added second monitor even then every...
  4. S

    Question 75C° on r9 270x while playing fortnite.

    just taht, simple question, is it too bad? i have a very generic case with only one generic cooler and no more than 10 cm to the bottom of the case from the gpu coolers.
  5. kingdomkind786

    [SOLVED] RX 580 SAPPHIRE NITRO + freezes then crashes with a solid block of colour

    My brother has an RX 580 SAPPHIRE NITRO +. However, it crashes with a solid block of colour, forcing him to restart his computer. When we overclocked, this got worse to every five minutes. We know to most plausible option is to under clock, however it was that it could not run the original...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] How to properly OC an RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ ?

    I have read a guide online on how to OC, and for the most part it sounds right but some parts I do not understand. I am fairly new to GPU OC'ing so go easy on me. I posted a picture of my MSI Afterburner base, and then my MSI Afterburner with the OC that they told me to put. this is the website...
  7. S

    Question Will this PSU be enough?

    well I recently got a sapphire R9 270X, I also have 8 gigs of ram ddr3, i5 4590 (nothing is overclocked) 22 inches led monitor plus 2x 500gb hdd at 5.4k rpm and 7.2k rpm, the psu I chose is the Thermaltake Smart psu 600w 80+ white, will that be enough?
  8. S

    Question What psu do I need?

    I recently got a Sapphire R9 270x paired with an i5-4590 and 8 gigs of ram at 1333mhz, all this in an Asus h81m-k (ddr3). I used to have a generic 400w psu, now that I upgraded a lil bit, what is the PSU that will run ok with all my hardware?
  9. W

    Question Used GTX 970 or Sapphire RX 580 4GB as GTX 750 Ti upgrade?

    Hey, new to the forum. I've been planning on upgrading from my ageing GTX 750 Ti for a while now and finally decided now was the time. I'm a little strapped for cash so decided to limit my cost to £100 or less and had a look at some local second hand cards. Currently there's an ASUS GTX 970 for...
  10. cc83

    [SOLVED] Vega56 fans go 100%, display shows NO SIGNAL

    Hey! Last Saturday I bought a brand new Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse 8GB graphics card. After installing it I ran into a problem - sometimes (every 2-3rd time), when Windows was loading, my screen would go completely black and monitor shows NO SIGNAL, and in the same moment, my GPU fans go crazy...
  11. T

    Question Sapphire RX 570 pulse ITX GPU very loud fan

    I bought this GPU recently second hand, and it is working fine for the most part, but when it is under load it is extremely loud. I have had many ITX cards before but none are this loud. The card isn't overheating because the temperatures are quite low (30-50 degrees Celsius) What makes this...
  12. T

    Question Sapphire Radeon R9 390 8GB Nitro

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with my gpu , suddenly when i was watching a yt video my computer stopped to work. When i tried to open it there wasn't signal on monitor. I opened the case to check my graphic card, and the fans didn't spin. When pressing the power button it looks like that...
  13. ZakariyaAbbas

    Question Gigabyte, MSI or Sapphire RX 570??

    Which RX 570 would be better for Ryzen 5 2600? #Gigabyte RX 570 8GB #Msi Armor RX 570 8GB #Sapphire Pulse RX 570 8GB #XFX RX 570 8GB THANKS IN ADVANCE 😊👍
  14. C

    Question Weird electrical noise from graphics card?

    A couple of months ago, I bought a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 Nitro+ 2xHDMI 2xDP 8GB to put in a Razer Core X for my Mac. It has been performing really well, however, when I put heavy load on the graphics card (like a graphics-intensive game for example) it makes this really weird electrical...
  15. I

    Question Is 600watt antec budget power supply enough for R9 290x? I am planning to buy this psu as my budget is not getting larger. My system specs : Sapphire R9 290x tri x 4gb Intel Core i5-4440 Ram 8gb SSD 120Gb HDD 1Tb 5*120mm fans Is it risky to buy this power supply?
  16. SoumyaHD

    Question Futureproof Graphic card

    Want a modern card for my brother so he can do work plus play at the same machine Mostly VFX works and multimedia and also recent aaa titles at 60+ fps 1080 or 1440 Budget 300-500 USD. Team Red or Blue or Green Whatever Thanks in advance and it also should work as good after 5 years later...
  17. C

    Question AMD Sapphire RX 580 nitro+ 8gb suddenly coil whine

    Hello. I have bought this gpu 3 months ago and playing games with no problems . But from now suddenly my gpu start coil whine sound not too loud but annoying i tried turn down settings lower bit nothing , fps limot to 60 v sync on , chill , freesync but nothing work only when playing it make...
  18. J

    Question Sapphire Nitro R9 380X 4GB Thermal problems

    Hi to everyone, around two months I buy a R9 380X, and today, viewing the temps, I see an unusual temps, 45ºC Idle , 92ºC playing FarCry 5. I change the thermal compound and the temps go down only 2ºC. My Specs are: i5 4440, 16Gb DDR3 HyperX, 240 GB SSD HyperX, 750W 80 plus Thermaltake PSU...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Most Stable Driver for AMD RX 580?

    Hey guys, I have the AMD Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580, and ever since I got it it keeps on causing weird side effects. I want to know what is the most stable driver for it so that I do not have to keep struggling with computer restarts, and annoying black screens. Thanks.