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  1. D

    Question Question about temperatures

    hey guys, i got a Sapphire RX 5700XT nitro+ around 4 months ago and now i wanna sell it but the temps are a bit sus (at auto fan curve). setup is: Core i5 11400 16GB 3200MHz Lian li o11 air mini (2x intake, 1x exhaust) Am i worried too much for no reason? or is there anything i should be...
  2. TheGecko31

    Question Good 5000 CPU to pair with a 7900 XTX ?

    I currently have a Ryzen 7 3700X and a Sapphire 7900 XTX Nitro GPU. I am aware that this CPU can be a bottleneck to this GPUs performance and wonder if anyone could suggest a Ryzen upgrade from my current CPU. I don't want to have to change my MOBO so I would assume a 5000 series would be my...
  3. R

    Question VGA Light - GPU Swap - Nvidia to AMD

    Hello! Long time browser, first time posting. I have viewed dozens of other posts on this topic and still haven't found a solution. Switching from an MSI 1070 to a Sapphire Pulse 6800 - new. I had followed the common advice (the TH GPU install guide) of running DDU and swapping GPUs. Checked...
  4. HawaiiGG

    Question Sapphire HD 5830 with only one power cable

    this might apply for all gpus but i was wondering if i really need to have two 6 pin cables plugged in? right now if i try running it on one power it wont display. is this because the card is dead or not? i tried the gpu on my b450m and it wont boot at all, im guessing its since the gpu is...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] RGB headache with 3-pin and 4-pin products ?

    Hello guys and happy new year. Even though i consider myself an pc enthusiast im not that knowledgble about RGB, i didnt ever used many rgb products in the past and the few which i had with rgb lights i didnt try to control them before(or i just disable them). But the last year after some pc...
  6. D

    Question Are PowerColor cards as good as the other AIBs?

    I recently bought a PowerColor RX 6950XT Red Devil and ive been pretty impressed and happy with it. before this card ive always had Sapphire cards and never had any issues with them. now im looking at upgrading the GPU in my wife's PC to something like a 6750XT and im on the fence about going...
  7. mandeepsandhu

    Question AMD Sapphire RMA Service

    Hi Friends. I have just brought AMD Sapphire RX 6600 From Amazon India but now My card is giving me problems. Whenever I open any game My PC shuts Down. Now Just want to Know How is Sapphire Service or RMA Service in India. If anyone have ever used their service please share your experience
  8. S

    Question Weird problems with a Sapphire ?

    Hi there, everyone! Recently I upgraded my rig, and the last piece was buying a Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT NITRO+. The problem is that out of nowhere, it started resetting the pc. And not just that, whenever it resets the pc at the smallest usage, it fritzes the audio drivers to the point...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] RX 6700 XT 12GB GDDR6 Pulse and Seasonic 550w PSU Focus Platinum

    So guys i know that this topic is discussed often but for a piece of mind im gonna start it again ... as the title says right now i have i wanna know if my psu 550w Focus platinum is enough for a Rx 6700xt Sapphire pulse edition my rest of the system is a r5 2600x , asus x470 prime pro ...
  10. Eyes_Bloody

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB ex Mining. Bad Flash BIOS for Gaming?

    I got shappire nitro+ rx580 8gb second hand used mining and every time I play games in some of the newest games and in high ultra settings it crashes "no display" but the sound of the pc is still there and the gpu fan is full load. finally I tried to flash the latest bios from techpowerup but it...
  11. A

    Question Best 6700 XT

    I currently have an RX580 from Sapphire and will happily keep with Sapphire for a 6700 XT (now that you can buy one at a good price). But I've seen a Gigabyte version: And now I'm wondering...
  12. Jowcha2003

    Question Sapphire PE-AM2RS690V2 can't find any bios installation for it on their site.

    Hello everyone so i have an old am2+ motherboard from somewere 2008 or 2009 and im looking for bios installation on their site to flash my bios on it.The reason i want to flash the bios its because when i try to install a graphics card (that i know it works) on the motherboard the system (win 7...
  13. S

    Question Using R9 390 with r9 390x(cross fire) for 3D rendering and in UNREAL ENGINE?

    OK Guys I bought an R9 390 6 years back. I use it for rendering in 3D and Unreal engine, where it helps to handle texture pool and large scenes. Basically, it is not about speed, more VRAM means better handling of Unreal rendering. Now I am getting an R9 390X for a lot less, not finding r9...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Radeon driver problem ?

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me here ... I have installed a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 PCI-E into my PC (Motherboard is a GA-970A-DS3P (CPU 1), PSU is 850 watt, running Windows 10 latest version) which appears to work perfectly OK, until I install a driver !!! As soon as the...
  15. T

    Question No Video output with R9 280X Vapor-X OC (Tri-X)

    Hello, I have Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X OC (Tri-X) and none of the outputs works (2 DVIs, HDMI, DP). The original build had 620W PSU and now it has 650W, both 8-pin PCI-E are connected (daisy-chain). When I power the computer up the "Vapor-X" has it's light on, the fans are spinning but still...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Boost an old PC?

    !Tech Specs! Sapphire tri x 290 AMD Fx8350 w/ H80GTi Corsair closed loop watercooler Corsair xms3 2x4 gb 1600mhz Gigabyte 990fxa ud3 Rosewill Photon 650/800(I don't remember) watt 80 plus psu I'm looking for a way to boost the performance of my 5+ year old pc using software, changing windows...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Need Help!! Pc wont post/boot when gpu is plugged into psu (╥_╥) [please read description]

    mobo=asus tuf 365 gaming plus ( recently bought ) cpu= i7 9700k gpu = sapphire nitro rx 480 8gb psu= 750 watt cooler master ( 1 day old) so, i was running furmark 1080p AA and cpuz stress test , gpu temp reached 82 °C , Cpu temp reached 90°C suddenly my pc shutdown. Tried restarting but no...
  18. Zemzy Oseris

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Nitro+ 5700xt has extremely high temps ?

    While playing cyberpunk i turned on rivatuner and saw my 5700xt was at 90c with my side panel OFF. I immediately closed cyberpunk and opened Radeon Software and saw that the edge temp and juction temp were the exact same and going down at the exact same time (junction dropped to 89c and edge...
  19. Neverwinsae

    Question What's the stock bios for this Sapphire Pulse RX 580?

    Hello, My card is RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 4gb I tried flashing all sapphire pulse bios that is available in the collection. And it all brick my card sadly. I borrowed a cpu with integrated to reflash it back to my old bios. I need help on finding the real bios for my card sadly my hard drive...
  20. D

    Question Educated guess on the Sapphire 6900 xt Nitro "MSRP"?

    It's my first time buying Sapphire or AMD so I was wondering what MSRP would look like for this card, since as far as I know, Sapphire did not announce the price. I know MSRP is practically irrelevant nowadays, but I'm trying to gauge how long I should wait for prices to drop vs how much I'm...
  21. johnx125

    Question Weird intermittent graphics card issue

    I have a Sapphire Radeon R7 370 Nitro 4GB which is over 5 years old and has been overclocked since the day I bought it. However these last two weeks, whenever I run a game (or any 3D application really) there's a good chance my system will freeze to some random color screen sometimes with...
  22. M

    How do i unbrick my GPU?

    Hello, I have an Sapphire RX480 4gb on which i bricked one of the two bioses. I tried to flash it because on boot it would sometimes show black screen and ocasionally garbage mess. I do not have a copy of original bios, I also dont have integrated graphics (Intel i5 9400F). Is there a way to...
  23. _tosskee


    Hello, After trying to solve this problem for year now in different websites, stores etc.. I came here in hope that you can help me, here is the problem. I can use Radeon Software Drivers till version 18.5 and higher. Recommended drivers for my gpu are Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.12.1 Optional...
  24. InSovietRussiaComputerBuildsYOU

    Question R9 290 black screens only when there is no load (e.g. in Windows)

    Hi guys, for the last couple of months I have been black screens when using my Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC. It is a very peculiar issue, because it only happens when I am outside of a game e.g. with an open browser (with hardware acceleration turned off), or other 2D applications, I believe it has...
  25. pazarac01

    [SOLVED] Are this normal temps for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480???

    Hello guys. I recently bought used but in very good condition Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 4GB GPU. Thing is that Im satisfied with the card and its perfomance, but at the same time Im worried about my temps. the card on idle is staying at around 47-49 degrees with fans not spinning, while on...
  26. Sammac101


    Hi everyone. This is my first post in this forum. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600xt GPU: sapphire rx580 nitro+ 8gb MOBO: ASUS prime B450 A Ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb x 2 PSU: Corsair cx 450 Was having issues with my GPU. The fan readings were back to front. At 0% they would run at 3000rpm and at...
  27. NM-NM

    [SOLVED] Change thermal pad thickness

    My card is sapphire pulse rx 580 8gb. And I need to replace thermal pads I contacted sapphire for thermal pad thickness and it's 1mm and 0.75mm. But, I can't find any 0.75mm thermal pad. Is it possible, to change thermal pad thickness from 1mm to 0.75mm. Or, it will destroy the thermal...
  28. dany_f50

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Rx 5500xt Pulse vs Rx 5500xt Nitro+?

    Im debating between these two cards. I know that i should grab some extra money and get the Rx 5600xt but since i upgraded my whole setup last week, i cant afford it atm. My whole system consist of Ryzen R5 3600, B450 Tomahawk and Corsair RGB 8+8gb Ram. The case is a Corsair Spec 04 (Cx 600 and...
  29. dany_f50

    [SOLVED] What GPU for (light) gaming in a 49'' 4k 60hz TV at 1080/1440p?

    Here's the deal. My setup consist of: Sapphire RX 580 4gb MSI B450 Tomahawk mobo 8+8gb RAM Corsair RGB Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair CX600 Corsair Spec 04 case 1tb WD blue HDD + 256gb Adata SSD Im looking for an upgrade to my RX 580 4gb. I use my Samsung 49' 4k Led TV as a monitor. Im not a hardcore...
  30. A

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Radeon RX 560 4GB OC Pulse System Freeze/Crashes under GPU Load Windows 10

    Hi All, In Windows 10, my PC crashes/Freeze under GPU on Load. I cannot run any graphics demanding GAMES or some benchmark softwares(Geekbench or Heaven Unigine) except Passmark benchmark as it will freeze the System. Then I need to force restart or shutdown the System. But there is no issues...
  31. C

    [SOLVED] Sapphire mobile hotspot, slow download speed on laptop

    I'm currently in the middle east using a sapphire T2 mobile hotspot. Works well for streaming, gaming etc. Currently having an issue downloading anything on my laptop with it. I can run a speed test and pull 20+Mbps download speed, browse decently fast even play games with minimal lag but if I...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Need clarification on GPU power consumption between 5600 XT and 2060 on a 460w PSU.

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my graphics card for the new Flight Simulator, but ran into some inconsistencies with PSU requirements. I'm running the internals of a Dell XPS with an i7 4790 and a 460w Dell PSU. I am really trying to avoid upgrading the power supply as new ones are pretty...
  33. F

    [SOLVED] burning smell from GPU

    So I tried selling an old r9 390x sapphire nitro (unused). The person I sold it to returned it to me saying "we sys admins recognise when a gpu smells burnt". So I felt really guilty, had no idea, I mean I never even used the thing. So I basically said "well if the warranty is off i can't mess...
  34. N

    [SOLVED] Can i use a radeon card instead of my nvidia card?

    Hi all, i have a Nvidia GTX 750 ti 4gb, and was wondering if i can replace it with an AMD radeon sapphire 8gb card? I have an intel chip, i mean can we just swap out cards like that? nowadays? take out nvidia and place radeon??
  35. P

    [SOLVED] What are those white stains on the back of this GPU?

    I've got this used GPU which has some white stains on its back. What are those? I've searched the web and from what I understand they could be flux residues but I'm not sure. Any other idea? Looks like this GPU was removed from a working PC and it was still functioning when it was removed. Then...
  36. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] How To Fix GPU Overheating?

    Hi, i have Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit model GPU. It has overheating problem. It hits 97-98 degrees even at %50 load. I don't know what to do. I think it needs new thermal paste and clean but i'm afraid to damaging it because i've never done it before. What should i do? Thanks.
  37. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Ram running slow?

    Cpu-Z frequency: 798.4 Mhz (DDR4-1596) Its ddr4 3200mhz ram and only running at idk... I enable XMP profile 1 like a guy told me on a forum and still running slow?
  38. knight sharma

    [SOLVED] Building a new custom Rig

    I'm planning to build a new custom rig(Only MB, RAM, Processor,Graphic Card). I have a budget of INR 25k-30k. My main work over the system would be Video editing only no gaming. Processor could be Core i3 or i5. Graphic card as required.
  39. decoyout1

    [SOLVED] One of two fans in Sapphire RX Nitro+ 470 8GB Just died

    Well, im little bit worried about my gpu. I bought the GPU yesterday, When I receive it, the second fan did just broken and it wont spinning. I tought it wasnt a big problem since the first fan can spin and after that I replaced the thermal paste with MX-4. The problem is when Im test it with...
  40. C

    Question RX590 Sapphire on a Z400 ?

    Hello everyone. Thanks for taking a precious time helping me. I wanted to order a new RX590 Sapphire Nitro+ Limited Edition to make it work with my computer, but I've seen in some forums that I can't work on non-UEFI motherboard (which I suppose is my case). I don't have anywhere on the BIOS to...