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  1. W

    [SOLVED] Sapphire RX590 Nitro+ Wattman Issue

    Hi everyone! I got an issue. I play games and display suddenly turns off itself but my pc is still working. I can't do anything. I have to restart my pc. Can anyone help me? My PC specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+ 8 GB MSI B450M Pro-M2 V2 Corsair DDR4 8x2 GB 3000MHz...
  2. johnx125

    Question Striped and solid color screen crashes during any type of GPU workload

    I have a Sapphire R7 370 Nitro 4Gb about 5 years and it has been overclocked almost since day one (core 1020MHz, memory 1500MHz). So.. lately I've encountered this issue a number of times, whenever I play a game, watch a live stream etc, the computer crashes to a striped screen and any sound...
  3. ReaperXXIII

    Question Pc crashes into black screen before loading

    OK, this it's a big issue to me, I built my own pc one year and 4 months now, I live in South America so here it's expensive like twice the price of North America, so if something died I'm f'ed up cuz it'll take me a while to get the money for it. These are the specs: ryzen 3 2200g Asus b450...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] SAPPHIRE RX 5700 XT nitro+ sagging?

    Hello guys. Does anyone know if the sapphire rx 5700 xt nitro+ needs a GPU holder? thanks in advance.
  5. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] My GPU is Overheating

    Hi, i have Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit GPU. My CPU is bottlenecks with that GPU and i can only get %60-65 GPU usage. But even if it's bottlenecks, the temps around 70-75 celsius. GPU fan speed is around %40-45 auto. Is that normal? Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon X5450 3.00 GHz MB: Asus...
  6. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to use Molex To 8-Pin Adapter For R9 280X?

    Hi, i have Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC 3GB GDDR5 384-Bit GPU, but it have 8+8 Pin power connectors(i've tried to run 8+6 leds and fans are fine but no display in the result of my search that card can only run with 8+8 Pin.) to run but i have only 8+6 Pin. Now, i'm looking for a Molex To 8-Pin...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Cannot overclock my GPU it goes back to base clock (RX580)

    I have a Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8G GPU and for some reason it wouldn't go over 1250 mhz even though it supposed to go up to 1411 mhz boost clock. I tried to overclock it but every time I set a clock speed and apply it, it instantly reverts back to 1250 mhz. I tried it in Adrenalin and MSI...
  8. Syzhar

    Question PCIE Didnt detected GPU but its powering it up

    I just bought Sapphire RX470 4GB OC when i connect it for the first time it works but the fan spinning so fast, im afraid to continue to use it and try to replace the thermal paste that turned out to be dry af. after i change the thermal, i connect it again and its powering up, the fan spin and...
  9. Z

    Question New gpu, green screen, flickering? (Rx 580)

    I recently bought an RX 580 as well as a new power supply, and upon my first test of them both in the computer, I noticed the screen is at a different resolution. I’m assuming that’s nothing new for every new graphics card and is fixable with a few clicks once everything’s situated, but...
  10. 2

    [SOLVED] RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ too thick to fit in

    I recently bought SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 Special Edition 8GB. I can't install it because of it's thickness, that back panel makes it top thick to put it in PCI-E x16 slot, it interferes with RAM slots, it pushes them down. Is it safe to remove that back panel?
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Pulse 5700 XT Weird Black Screen

    I recently started streaming while playing Witcher 3 at 1080p Ultra settings. Until last night only when I was streaming while playing I got random crash where screen goes black, I hearedthe game sound but no discord sound from the person I was in voice chat with. Only reboot solved it but it...
  12. Question Gpu Usage Spikes from 0% to 100%? (sapphire rx 580 8gb) How can i fix this?

    Im having spikess what should i do??? Any setting i should turn off from amd radeon software? I tried installing msi afterburner and turn on unified usage monitoring but that didnt quite work. I ran fortnite (yes) to screenshot the spikes for you Is this normal? I also sometimes have spikes when...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Sapphire R9 270x Dual-X Black Screen? Here is how i fixed mine.

    Hi Guys, So as the title says, i managed to fix my Sapphire R9 270x Dual-X graphic card. I've done so much research on the problem that i had finally decided to take matters into my own hands and try to fix it by all means. And wanted to poste my results so it might help others even though...
  14. C

    Question One fan going 100% while other is at normal Speed

    Hi! I have a Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 4GB and i have a problem where one fan goes crazy whilst the other stays at normal RPM's. There are no temp spikes and the "bad" fan does this for several seconds or a few minutes and then goes back to normal, only to repeat this a couple of minutes later...
  15. johnx125

    [SOLVED] Grahpics card problem/crash while gaming

    Hello everyone, I've been dealing with two very annoying problems for the last two months.. when playing games sometimes the screen either looses signal and the gpu fans speed up to 100% or the pc crashes and the screen shows one random color with lines.. This (color with lines) also happened...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Which RX 570 4GB should I buy

    Hi guys. Christmas is coming and I will get a graphics card. I used to have a gtx 760 that died almost two years ago and I think it´s time to become a gamer once again lol. The thing is that i´m from argentina and well, our economy isn´t the best so the best I could buy is an RX 570 4GB. There...
  17. Mirchu

    [SOLVED] Radeon™ RX 560 Crashes while gaming

    Hi experts! I recently bought a used Radeon™ RX 560 4g by Sapphire. My GPU crashes when i play games like BF1 or other games. Furthermore, when i put the load on my card through FURMARK or benchmark tests, it goes on 100% without crashing with max. temp. 76°C. I also want to add that games like...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Sapphire R9 390 8GB DDR5 Nitro TRI-X OC with Back Plate Fans never stop?

    So heres the comp i7 2600k 16gb ddr3 1600mhz Asus Maximus IV GENE Z/GEN3 Samsung EVO 850 500GB Sapphire R9 390 8GB DDR5 Nitro TRI-X OC with Back Plate Corsair CX600 Windows 10 Pro N 1809 And heres the problem. My gpu is supposed to turn fans completely off while its idle or browsing the web and...
  19. A

    Question Is AMD A8 7680 enough powerful to run Overwatch ?

    I currently have an AMD Athlon X2 370k and I would like to change for an AMD A8 7680 to go with my Sapphire Radeon R7 360. So, is this CPU enough powerful to run Overwatch in 60fps / 1080p ?
  20. K

    Question GPU running on lower clocks

    Hey guys, I'm getting speed issues on my RX 5700 XT Pulse. When I put my own settings: Core 2000MHz (1940ish)@1080mv Memory: 910MHz (1820MHz) No Power limit The issue is if I have this set on my GPU gets to only 1600MHz core clocks when 90-99% utilized. I tried to put the power limit up (50%)...
  21. K

    [SOLVED] I want to OC my RX 5700 XT but I'm not sure my PSU is able to.

    Hey, guys I have question about OC'ing my Sapphire RX 5700 XT Pulse and I'm not sure that my PSU will be able to deliver requested power into my system. My system: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 @4GHz (1.416V in CPU-Z) MB: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming rev1.0 GPU: mentioned above PSU: EVGA 650GQ (Gold) RAM: Patriot...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Need RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB default bios

    Hello guys! Can you help me with an stock bios for RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB?
  23. N

    [SOLVED] Vega 56 Nitro+ BIOS Flash

    Hey, soon going to be a Vega 56 Nitro+ owner here. I’m buying a used card for about $350 CAD and before I was going with something better but after realizing some people could overclock the 56 to match somewhat close to the RTX 2070, I was thinking to get this card. I also heard that people were...
  24. Z

    [SOLVED] Rx 5700 xt gta v stuttering

    Recently bought the nitro + rx 5700 xt, I pair it with an I5 8600k with 3200mhz cl14 ram. When benchnarkiny gta it seems that my game stutters, usually when travelling fast and rendering more in at a time, my old 1060 never had this issue so I was wondering if anyone else has a fix or a similar...
  25. P

    Question RX 5700 XT Coprocessor?

    Hi, I was looking at RX 5700 XT's and was thinking of getting the Sapphire pulse variant since it seems to be the best adjusting for the minimal price increase from the reference card. I noticed on amazon de that in the product details it says the graphics card interface is PCI-E and the...
  26. Z

    [SOLVED] Sapphire RX 5700 XT Running hot?

    Literally today (18/09/19) I bought this GPU, seemed fine maybe a little loud, however, even on csgo the gpu usuage would fluxuate between 60% and 99% and the temperatures were at 70-75 degrees celsius. The GPU is currently idling at around 50 degrees too, seems a little hot, what do you guys...
  27. V

    [SOLVED] Video port output limit: Does Sapphire have manuals for video cards?

    My home work computer has for a decade been using a venerable Radeon HD 5770 to output to three monitors (1 DP, 2 DVI). Since my nephew often plays on my gaming computer (a completely different setup), I installed Steam over at the work computer to test what it can handle. As expected, a game...
  28. F

    [SOLVED] Rx 5700 XT Mech OC or Saphhire Pulse

    So I ordered an MSI RX 5700 XT Mech Oc for 440€ and it will come tomorrow but I just saw that the cooling isn't as good. The VRMs and the VRAM seem to be not cooled enough at all. The Saphhire Pulse in the other hand has an extra heat sink for VRM and VRAM and runs a few degrees cooler on the...
  29. H

    Discussion Vsync and freesync and screen tearing?

    Hello guys, i want a way to remove my screen tearing in games(r6). I tried vsync on game setting but it has input lag and i dont want it, so is there anyway to remove screen tearing? My monitor is 60hz and i dont know it can support FreeSync or not. I heard about amd FRTC but i heard it has a...
  30. Z

    [SOLVED] Crashing with new GPU

    Hi, so I recently bought an RX 590 Sapphire Nitro+ Special Edition, and a new psu which is an EVGA 80+ gold 650w. I have an Asrock AB350 Pro 4, a Ryzen R5 1600 and 4x4GB of Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2666Mhz. Games such as Apex, Forza Horizon 4 and Warframe were crashing after 30minutes to an...
  31. Question RX 580 doesn't let me enter motherboard UEFI/BIOS

    Ok this shit happened with 2 of my build. 1 build ( I had i5 3470 so had intel iGPU). 2nd build is with Ryzen 2600. In both builds, if I try to enter bios with the gpu, it does not enter. Rather I see my keyboard numlock key getting stuck. If I do not press anything, then the Windows starts...
  32. R

    [SOLVED] Stable Sapphire RX580 OC?

    Does anyone have a stable RX580 OC profile you'd recommend? I've got a Sapphire Nitro+ SE RX580 8GB
  33. binar00

    [SOLVED] RX 580 only works with DVI

    so i upgraded my RX 550 2GB to an RX 580 8GB and i was using 2 monitors with the RX 550 with no problem ( one is DVI and the other using HDMI to VGA adapter) the computer works fine with DVI played few pubg matches and bf1 too, but then i turned it off and added second monitor even then every...
  34. S

    Question 75C° on r9 270x while playing fortnite.

    just taht, simple question, is it too bad? i have a very generic case with only one generic cooler and no more than 10 cm to the bottom of the case from the gpu coolers.
  35. kingdomkind786

    [SOLVED] RX 580 SAPPHIRE NITRO + freezes then crashes with a solid block of colour

    My brother has an RX 580 SAPPHIRE NITRO +. However, it crashes with a solid block of colour, forcing him to restart his computer. When we overclocked, this got worse to every five minutes. We know to most plausible option is to under clock, however it was that it could not run the original...
  36. B

    [SOLVED] How to properly OC an RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ ?

    I have read a guide online on how to OC, and for the most part it sounds right but some parts I do not understand. I am fairly new to GPU OC'ing so go easy on me. I posted a picture of my MSI Afterburner base, and then my MSI Afterburner with the OC that they told me to put. this is the website...
  37. S

    Question Will this PSU be enough?

    well I recently got a sapphire R9 270X, I also have 8 gigs of ram ddr3, i5 4590 (nothing is overclocked) 22 inches led monitor plus 2x 500gb hdd at 5.4k rpm and 7.2k rpm, the psu I chose is the Thermaltake Smart psu 600w 80+ white, will that be enough?
  38. S

    Question What psu do I need?

    I recently got a Sapphire R9 270x paired with an i5-4590 and 8 gigs of ram at 1333mhz, all this in an Asus h81m-k (ddr3). I used to have a generic 400w psu, now that I upgraded a lil bit, what is the PSU that will run ok with all my hardware?
  39. W

    Question Used GTX 970 or Sapphire RX 580 4GB as GTX 750 Ti upgrade?

    Hey, new to the forum. I've been planning on upgrading from my ageing GTX 750 Ti for a while now and finally decided now was the time. I'm a little strapped for cash so decided to limit my cost to £100 or less and had a look at some local second hand cards. Currently there's an ASUS GTX 970 for...
  40. cc83

    [SOLVED] Vega56 fans go 100%, display shows NO SIGNAL

    Hey! Last Saturday I bought a brand new Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse 8GB graphics card. After installing it I ran into a problem - sometimes (every 2-3rd time), when Windows was loading, my screen would go completely black and monitor shows NO SIGNAL, and in the same moment, my GPU fans go crazy...