Question (SOLVED) Red Dead Redemption stutters after a while playing

Dec 20, 2020
Hi, so i bought the RDO standalone version on december 2nd and i have been playing ever since, but there is a problem that is plaguing me and i have spent the last 2-3 weeks searching forums and testing solutions, this post is my last known resource.

My problem is the game starts to stutter after 60-90 minutes of playing, sometimes i can reach 120mins without stutter, fps also dips to half sometimes with or without those stutters, there was a stutter that lasted like more than a second, sometimes sound stutters too. So i started looking at task manager, cpu usage and temps to see if there's anything there but nobody seems to give me a reason.

  • Cpu usage stays around 60% Memory usage usually goes up to 6gb but when it's stuttering its always around 3-4gb.
  • The maximum cpu temp i registered was 69ºC, while the highest GPU temp i registered was 78ºC, that seems normal for games that are demanding for my pc like red dead and i never had problems when i reached those temps in other games, but i will admit it is uncommon because i usually play games like cs go, valorant, fall guys , rocket league etc.
  • Most of the times i'm playing without anything running on the background, no google chrome, no spotify, no youtube (i did run those in the background sometimes but having or not having then doesn't seem to make any difference in performance). The only thing that runs on background half the time because i play with a friend is discord.
  • I run the game with v-sync on
I have also tried a nearly endless amount of ''solutions'' such as:
  • Tweaking some video settings to a lower amount in hopes of getting more stable fps, right now i'm running most of it around medium to high settings, the only thing i keep on ultra are the textures because they're kinda low res on lower settings, fps goes from 40-60 (i can index some screenshots of the settings later)
  • Tweaking the memory page file instead of letting the system manage it (sometime between setting back to ''system managed), right now its set to a number as high as 17550mb
  • Updating windows 10 to the latest version, updating extra drivers that windows offered like amd related ones, updating the video card drivers
  • Disabling HTEP (it was one of the latest things i tried, it changed nothing)
  • Setting to the rdr2.exe to high priority and real time priority in the task manager while playing
  • Using windows 7 compatibility mode and disabling full screen optimizations for rdr2.exe and playrdr.exe
  • Reducing the use of cores to half through task manager (there were 12 cores avaliable)
  • Setting the game from borderless window to full screen, but it's hard to track that because i everytime i alt+tab it seems to change.
My specs are:
Corsair 600W power supply
(2x) Corsair 8GB DDR4 2666MHz
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
Asus EX-A320M-Gaming
Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.40 GHz
Kingston SSD 120Gb with windows 10 installed
Kingston SSD 480Gb with Red Dead Online installed
(2x) 500Gb HDD
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Dec 20, 2020
I think it's solved now, someone on reddit said it might be a memory issue, so i ran a memory scan and it was all fine, then i tweaked again some page file values and set 12000-32000 to a single ssd and removed in other drives, last night i played for 2 hours straight, idled for 1 hour then came back and played for another one and didn't find any stutters. But just FYI i use HWMonitor latest version, temps were still roughly the same from always, except it was a cold night yesterday and it was 1ºC less on the pc.

The stuttering wouldn't stop until i quit the game, but i never reseted i just kept playing because it was always happening after some hours of gameplay and it got me sick of playing shortly after.