Soundcard only in emulated mode



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Hello everybody!
I've the following problem: my soundcard (an onboard AMD 768 AC'97 chipset)
works only in "emulated" mode in DirectSound. At least so it tells me when I
run dxdiag.exe
Many DirectX programs exhibits skipping audio, so I guess the problem could
be there.

I've made a clean Windows XP install on a different HD partition and
everything works fine. The soundcard is in native mode (not "emulated") and
not skipping, so it doesn't depend on the hardware and neither on XP.
The problem is that...I cannot reinstall on the main partition! I've bought
many online tracks from music download shops in protected WMA format and,
from what I guess reading Microsoft documents, I'd probably lose all the
licenses! I can't backup the licenses, because no online shop allows that and
many do not have any automatic mean to reget them! (so what's the point of
the license backup thing remains a mistery only Microsoft knows the answer to)

So I HAVE to get the actual installation to work or I'll have to witch to
the other partition every time I need DirectSound!

Has anybody any idea about how directX hardware detection works? Or where
does it put the found hardware configuration in the registry or whatever?
I've tried to copy the HKCU/Software/Microsoft/ActiveMovie setting from the
working partition, but they get ignored and reset at boot, so probably
they're not stored there. But I haven't found any other entry!

Can anybody help me?
Do not tell me to reinstall the drivers! I've already done it thousands
times! It always gets "emulated"! :/

Oh, the card works perfectly in non DirectSound MME mode! The problems comes
out only with DirectSound!


Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

I auto-reply to myself 'cause I've finally found the solution, should someone
else encounter the same problem.
I have no idea on the cause but DirectSound output was turned off! I've
discovered that the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaResources\DirectSound\Device Presence

had "WDM" and "VxD" values turned to "0" (which should mean "off"). I've
just put a "1" value on both, rebooted and DirectSound output works again!