Question Speedtest is 1 gigabit but I get 20 MB max

Jul 11, 2022
I recently got an internet that is 1 gigabit upload and down. I always get minimum 900 mbit speed test from Speedtest/ookla. But for some reason, it is unstable.
I tried downloading from private trackers on qbittorent. I got max 20MByte speed. I am living in Turkey and my friend tried to download the same file from same trackers from his German server which has 1 gigabit speed as well and got 60, 80 mbytes.
For some reason, when I am downloading from g drive, if i try downloading one at the time i get 20 but when i try downloading 2 3 files at the same time i get 40 20 40 which adds up to a almost one gigabit. I tried downloading from Epic games and for 1 and a half hours it stayed at 15 and then when I restarted my pc it went up to 80 and stayed at the same level for 5 6 minutes until the download finished. My upload speed is very stable btw, i uploaded 53 gigabytes of files in 20 minutes.(not very stabile when you think i get 934mbits as a result on speedtest/ookla) I am hoping to get answers, thank you. If my english was too bad to understand you can ask me to rephrase the sentence you couldn't get. I can also answer any questions about hardware and stuff.

I am using a Cat 6 LAN connection. I have 2 ssd's one of which is m2 ssd. They're both healthy.
My modem is VMG3625-T50B
My pc settings are: 1660 super ryzen 5 3500 16 gig ram(3200 mhz)
My result:

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Try to download something from local servers "in turkey" you need to understand that most of the stuff you are pulling is not hosted in your country most likely. Generally the USA.

Be interesting to see your speeds when you are pulling from something within 1000 miles of yourself vs under water.
Jul 11, 2022
Well, I dont know any servers on Turkey specifically so I tried downloading valorant since it has a server in istanbul which is 300 miles from me. And it was 50 mbytes per second. I dont think it is relevant to the servers because then why was i able to download a file from someone elses g drive with a speed of 40?
Not to mention when i tried downloading them one by one, the speed was max 20 and when i tried 3 files together it was 40, 40, 20 I think this is a problem itself.


Honestly, you haven't given any data that would actually show a problem. You're simply assuming that because someone gets X speeds on different files from different servers from different places from different countries using different IP routing that it should be directly applicable to your situation.
Jul 11, 2022
That is not the problem. That is to say that the server that I am trying to get the files from is capable of giving me that speed. The problem is I can only get that speed if I am downloading 2 or 3 files from the same server. This is my 3rd time explaining the multiple file problem but maybe my English is terrible.
Let’s say we have files x y and z from google drive.
When I try downloading x alone I get 20 mbytes per second but when I try downloading x y and z at the same time the results are
X: 40
Why can’t I get 40 while downloading just one file? Also I sometimes have problem connecting to simple services such as WhatsApp but when I check my Speedtest while having trouble connecting to WhatsApp I still get 1 ms and 900mbit speed
Thank you


Seconding @DSzymborski

Question regarding:

"That is to say that the server that I am trying to get the files from is capable of giving me that speed.


Consider that their (who ever "their" is) rules, algorithms, protocols may determine what "speed" you actually get.

May be speed "X" at first but then at some threshold you get speed "X - 1" unless you pay more....


Oct 6, 2011
Find a nearby download to test, like a microsoft ISO hosted officially or a large file from github or something. If your download speed is good, which it probably is, then it's likely just a source issue. Their upload isn't up to snuff and that's on them, nothing you can control with that. Easy test to get your answer.