Question Spilled dip spit on motherboard, Help if you can, it would be appreciated.

May 25, 2019
Pc specs:
16gb ddr4 2400
rx 580 ( when it works I guess)
Gtx 750ti ( when nothing else works)
A stolen intel core 2 duo heatsink with some hydraulic bearing fan that is quiet unless temps go above 60c which they don’t
Windows 10
Tried reinstalling, reseating, holding my thumbs in my ears, I laughed myself awake and thought to ask on this forum I’m ok don’t worry, yeah none of the spit hit the graphics card.

I spilled dip spit below my pcie slot on my motherboard while it was on and I immediately shut it off, my graphics card had one droplet on the shroud from a splash drop but non on anything else. I cleaned everything and dried everything over a few days and tried to boot it. At first one one stick of ram in the slot close to cpu would work as long as it was without my gpu so I decided to take a new cmos battery that I had stuck in out and somehow it decided to let me now use another stick of ram in a slot so I tried my old graphics card that wasn’t in the pc during the catastrophe and it didn’t work at first and then bam it did, should probably note my old one is a 750ti and my new one is an rx580 idk if I fried the heck out of the slot or what but I tried to get my new card to work again and it let me boot into windows with Microsoft basic drivers and then I installed the newest and even the same drivers I had when it died and it just black screens and sometimes when I restart it after that it won’t let me even get past a cpu debug light that is on. It’s a pain to get my old card to work after putting the new one in, yesterday I had only one stick of ram because one slot decided to not work again and I just got the old card to work again and finally it let me today use that last slot again. I don’t know if it’s the motherboard but it sounds like it, was wondering if anyone had any ideas, it only have two ram slots and one pcie slot but if anyone can let me know if it’s screwed or it’s my gpu or maybe they don’t like each other idk thanks in advance.
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