Question Standard NVM Express Controller error --- NVMe drive not detected in BIOS ?

Jan 13, 2023
Product: HP OMEN Laptop - 15-Dh1005na
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 22H2

I received a "Boot drive not detected " error on my OS drive a few days ago (1TB NVMe drive, don't know the manufacturer as it was pre-installed by HP). Apart from update to Windows 11 a couple of months ago, I've changed nothing else in my setup prior to this. Since the boot drive issues this week I've tried various diagnostics to resolve including HP System Diagnostics (F2) which didn't help as the BIOS didn't detect the NVM drive, meaning that I've had to install a spare SATA SSD and reinstall Windows 11 just so I can boot the laptop.

Now I've been able to boot I can see in Device Manager that the standard NVM Express Controller has an exclamation mark and returns the following error message:

Standard NVM Express Controller
Dated 21/06/2006
Version 10.0.22621.755

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

An I/O adapter hardware error has occurred.

As I understand it, this driver comes packaged in (and is updated alongside) the following driver:

Intel Chipset SATA/PCIe RST Premium controller
Dated 23/04/2020

I have updated all the available drivers via Windows Update and HP Support Assistant, including the storage controller and the BIOS (now on version F38, the latest available according to HP support website), and restarted etc. Still getting the same error.

For completeness, when I installed the spare SSD I did reseat the NVM drive while I was there. It didn't seem like it needed reseated, seemed to be connected just fine, but I did it anyway. Everything else works absolutely as it should, all diagnostic tests are passed.

I notice Intel do have drivers on their website for this controller, but they recommend using manufacturer controllers which I have done. Device manager reports that my storage controller driver ( - the latest Windows Update offers) is from 2020... and the NVMe driver packaged with it is version 10.0.22621.755 and is dated 21/06/2006 - is there really not a newer version?

Is there any where else I can get updated drivers for the NVM controller? Or anything else I can do? I know I can rely on SATA SSD drives in future, but I bought the OMEN to have a higher end device with higher end capability, so I would rather have NVM drive capability.

Thanks in advance for help!
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Jan 13, 2023
Unfortunately it's been out of warranty for over a year.
So you think this is a physical issue on the board not logical/driver? That might seem like a silly question given the error message but I'm not that experienced with laptop repairs.