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Question Sudden FPS Drop After Updating to Windows 10

Jul 7, 2020

I recently upgraded from Windows 7 (yes yes, I know..) to Windows 10 Pro version. I selected the 90 day trial version so far and did not get a chance to purchase the activation key, but I am not sure if this is a factor in my issue.

Additionally, I purchased a Samsung 860 QVO 1T SSD as an upgrade from my old HDD. I installed Win10 on the SSD, as well as a few programs to test my Graphics Card.

I updated all of the drivers I could from Windows Update, and downloaded the specific drivers from the manufacturers' websites of my GPU, CPU, and monitor.

Nonetheless, instead of the ~120 or~150 FPS that I get from running programs like CS:GO, I have been getting anywhere from 30-60 FPS... Also, it seems like the default Windows 10 background is a little bit blurry, not very sharp. I have a feeling that this is related to the graphics card too.

I have looked through all of the extra Windows 10 features and disabled anything that I figured might be using up resources such as Xbox Capture, and things like that.

Here is my hardware information:



Monitor: ASUS VG27WQ (1440p 144Hz)

Motherboard: Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2 Rev 3.0

Please let me know if there is any other information that could be helpful in solving this issue I am having. Thank you!

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
Windows 10 only exposes a small part of all its telemetry/functions to alteration via user menus.

To get the best results, you need to use:
The group policy editor and registry alterations (if you know everything to look for)
or 3rd party programs

For a 3rd party program that is easy to use, I would suggest W10Privacy

As it's a desktop, disable the hibernation system (if you don;t need that funcinality), prefecth, and superfetch (as you have an SSD)

Disable indexing service (utterly GLUTTONOUS read/writes to the drives, a real pig on resources)

Also, if you installed NVidia drivers without custom options, you will have ansel and GeForce Experience bloat. Recommend installing ONLY the driver, and IF needed, HDMI sound and PhysX

Disable all overlays

Depending on your video mode (exclusive full screen, windowed, bordeless windowed) can have hardware task switching involved. The fewer programs using hardware acceleration the better in this case.

The blurry screen sounds like you are not running at your monitor's native resolution?. Make sure you are running at the native resolution, no scaling, and do not have any NVidia DSR set.

Would think that the A8-6600 would be somewhat of a bottleneck

I see Steam threads about slowness in CS:GO after May update
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Jul 7, 2020
Cherry Blossoms,

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer.

-I had already disabled the hibernation system and fast startup, as Windows calls it, as well as all overlays except Steam.

-I also made sure to not install the "bloatware" that was bundled in with many of the drivers I installed earlier.

-Upon your recommendation, I disabled the indexing service., and within the settings of CS:GO, I changed the video mode to exclusive full screen; which certainly helped.

The FPS jumped up noticeably, however it is still only at about 60-80 as opposed to the 120-150 that I was running just yesterday, before Windows 10. Are there any tests I could do to see where the issue is?

Is it also possible that Windows 10 just has more CPU and GPU-intensive features like virtual desktops or background processes of the sort? If so, which of these features can I disable?

Would think that the A8-6600 would be somewhat of a bottleneck
And while I'm sure the A8-6600K isn't doing me any favors, it is still the same CPU I was using yesterday (same with the May update)...

As for the Windows 10 background which appears slightly blurry (maybe blurry isn't the right word, the deep blue colors seem blotchy, with some jagged edges instead of what I assume should be smooth gradients), I am in my PC's native resolution of 2560 x 1440, and I tried resetting scaling. It's weird because the icons and text appear sharp, but not the background...

Thank you again for your help, let me know what you think!
Jul 7, 2020
Some more information: using NZXT CAM I can see that even at a minimum load (or a load of 10 ,15%) my CPU is at the maximum overclocked speed of 4.2 GHz, sometimes dropping down to 4.0 GHz but not lower.

It seems like there is a limit set on clock speed, something like 95%-100%, even though I downloaded AMD Catalyst and checked that the range for clock speed is 0%-100%.

That being said, the CPU temp is shown fluctuating around 10 or 20 degrees Celsius.

Could this be the problem? Or at least a factor in the problem?
Thank you.

Edit: using the same software before my upgrade to Windows 10 and an SSD, the clock speed would more or less coincide with the percentage load on the CPU.