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No idea; that page doesn't seem to have much information about it at all. Are you bound to using this? I would assume it's fine, but know nothing about it. If you are questioning it so much, maybe go with a better-known brand?


Apr 13, 2009
Arctic Silver, Arctic Cooling and Tuniq are all on my list .. the problem is I can't find them anywhere in my country. It's like the thermal paste monster ate them all. The only option i have it to wait for 2 weeks until the shops resupply. Either way I'll give it a go, i mean it can't get that bad without it and I'll wait for the overclock later on.
I'll post temp readings with the paste and without it.

E8200 with that paste idles at 41C and 38 without. I'll give it a couple of days to see if they are any changes