Question Unable to boot to windows after installing a graphics card

Nov 3, 2022
Hi there all

I’ve been using the integrated graphics from my cpu which is the i5-10400 and decided to get a gpu for the very first time (rx 5700xt).

I’ve spent 3 hours trying to install it, when really it was me convincing myself that it wasn’t installed properly because I didn’t hear a click but that’s beside the point.
After convincing myself that it may very well be connected I turned the pc on, it went straight to the bios. I was confused so I restarted my pc and I’m bsck to the bios.
My motherboard is an ASUS prime h510m-a and the only drive I have is an nvme 980 pro which is my boot drive. I went to the boot section and realised that my drive wasn’t listed. Note that my drive is detected and nvme is selected to pcie and not sata.

I also removed my graphics card completely and was still greeted to the bios. I tried enabling csm and that listed my boot drive, but upon booting to it I’m greeted with a message saying press any key to continue, please insert a cd… something like that.

I also went to secure boot and changed “windows UEFI” to custom OS but still I was greeted to the bios.

I restored bios to factory defaults and immediately altered nvme configuration.

I also disabled the igpu. Also note that I an convinced that there’s nothing wrong with my graphics card. I connected the display port to graphics card and I can access the bios.

What are my next steps? Please help me.

Tom cruise432

Sep 13, 2022
The following are some of the most typical reasons why a computer won't start up after installing a graphics card: The PCI-e slot does not have the graphics card fully and correctly placed in it. There is no power being run to the graphics card if the power supply unit (PSU) is required to run the graphics card.