Question Unstable System: mini -Freezes, Crashes, can't find the Problem

Oct 15, 2020
Hello guys, i really need help from some people who know more about computers than i do.
First of all, sorry if my english isn't the best, i'm not a native speaker, but i really need help with this. It drives me crazy.

The Problem:
I have random mini freezes and stutters in my system. They occur completely at random (sometimes hours apart) for like 2 seconds at a time. It feels like the whole system goes to 1 frame per second, even the audio bugs out, then its over and everything is back to normal.
It happens during games and during youtube videos. i don't know if it happens in idle, because i only notice it due to the audio problems, but it definetely isn't only an audio problem.
Also my pc simply rebooted (happened only once today), no crashdump. But i got an entry in event viewer that said something WHEA Logger (event id 18).

About a month ago i had problems with bluescreens (nostokrnl.exe was always the cause) as well as the freezes, but after a BIOS update i didn't have any BSODs.

Just today after a clean windows install and reinstalling stuff i managed to reproduce the error for the first time since i noticed them (about 4 months ago). When i start or stop a download (e.g. Age of Empires 3) in the xbox app on pc the minifreezes happen. The stuttering/freezes don't happen when i download anything from steam or elsewhere. This is the only reliable way to produce the error, otherwise it seems completely random.


<- unlisted recording of the error

My System:
I bought the PC from a seller, where i configurated the pc, but they built it and shipped it to me. The system is about 9 months old now.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X - 6x 3,8GHz 32MB L3-Cache AM4
Cooler: Be Quiet! Pure Rock
RAM: 32GB, DDR4-3200, Corsair Vengeance LPX DIMM Kit CL16 (2x 16GB - Dual Channel)
GPU: Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB
Motherboard: Asus Prime B450M-A
PSU: 730Watt Xilence Performance
SSD: Biostar SSD S-ATA III 512GB
HDD: Seagate 3.5 S-ATA III 2000GB HDD
Drive: Asus DVD RW+- S-ATA 24x Drive/Burner
Case: AZZA Photios 250 Gaming Tower
Internet is connected via Ethernet cable.

Everything on stock setting, no OC

Temperatures don't seem to be the problem, i haven't found any evidence of my system becoming too hot.

Okay, i've already tried quite a few things. I have one big problem: i don't just have a lot of computer parts lying around. So it is not easy for me to just swap out a different GPU or CPU or even RAM to try stuff, so i'd appreciate it if someon could help me to at least narrow down probable causes so i can contact the seller and maybe get a replacement (i have a warranty of 3 years on the whole system).

What i tried:
Memtest86+ (took a fkn looong time with 32 gig) 3 passes - 0 errors

chkdsk /f/r on both the HDD & SSD - no errors

Changed the powersetting to never turn of drive #2 - no change, still freezing/stuttering

Tried changing RAM speeds in bios 2333 hz & 3200 hz - no change

Tried unplugging the HDD - no change, still freezing/stuttering

After getting BSODs, where nostokrn.exe was the problem i updated my BIOS - BSODs are gone, still stuttering/freezing

I reseated and reapplied thermal paste to my cpu (was desperate, temps were always OK) - no change

sfc /scannow with a dism.exe image - no errors found

Updated all drivers i could think of - still stuttering/freezes

safe windows install with complete wipe of both drives - still stuttering/freezes

after being able to reproduce the error i made a recording with Windows Performance Recorder, i started the WPR and produced the Error multiple times in a 70s time window. I wanted to share that here, but that file is almost 2 gb in size.
I tried looking at it with the performance analyzer, but that just showed me how little i know about computers. I'd be happy to share screenshots of it if someone knows what i need to look at.

Wits end:
That brings me here, to you guys. I don't know what to do. It somehow feels like a CPU problem, but i don't have another processor around to test it. Also i'm quite certain that if i send my PC back to the seller 1 of 2 things will happen: 1: they say they couldn't find the problem or 2: they say they fixed it, but the problem will still be there, i just wasted 4 weeks on sending the pc on a round trip.

Anyone have any tips on what to try? Someone have an idea what to look at from the WPR data?

I'm going to bed now, but i'll be back tomorrow and respond to all answers. Thank you for your help!
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Oct 15, 2020
So guys, using windows game bar i made a recording of the error. It sounds a little different on my end, but you will get the gist of it.

<- unlisted recording of the error

What i did:
I let a video play in background of a constant tone and started starting and stopping a download to produce the error.
(you cant see the download window, because the windows game bar doesn't record the xbox app window)