Dec 11, 2012
Howdy all,

We recently signed up for a server/teamspeak provider called,

It all sounded great, they backup information frequently and so on. First five days with them, they lost 90% of our information in TeamSpeak3 that we had in there. Went down completely on fourth day.

Their support, first tier staff was worthless, never did answer a question with a straight answer(not even close).
When confronted with facts, he just left the live chat, TWICE. Of course he blamed it on technical difficulties.
Their second tier supprt gives you , ah, its a bug, and not our fault.

Really sick of this run around and decided to ask people here. Everyime I want correct answers or guided in right direction, this is the place I started with in the past. I should have asked here first before siging up with them but never gave it a thought to be treated so bad and to have such horrible experience.

What is a good voice comm with a server provider?
Need help and would like people who have had great experience in using this, to steer me in a better direction than when I signed up with I am using this Teamspeak3 provider for a variety of different Clan type games from World of Tanks to Planetside, as well as many online games needing voice comms.

So mad I almost threw up,