Question Which upgrade should I prioritize?

Feb 13, 2019
Hi,I currently have the following:
Ryzen 5 2600
B450 Mortar
2x4GB 2133MHz Kingston (Yeah, the green pcb)
Asus Expedition GTX 1050Ti
Corsair VS650
240gb ssd
1tb hdd
720p monitor

I have a max budget of Php 8,000 (150 USD). I'm thinking of the following:
-A second hand monitor 24" 1080p 60Hz for Php 3,500 (67USD)
-Brand new Patriot Viper Steel 2x8GB kit 3000MHz Php 6,000(115USD)
-A second hand GTX 1060 for Php8,000-9,000(172 USD)
-Brand new Seasonic 620w 80+ bronze PSU Php4,000(76USD)

I'm worried that RAM prices might still continue to drop together with the value of my RAM and GPU. I'm willing to sell my current RAM, GPU and Monitor to get the upgrades. Please help me decide, thanks!


I'd go with new PSU since Corsair VS series PSUs are low quality units and the worst offered by Corsair. Corsair CS, CX and CXm series are better than VS series but build quality wise, they still are worse than anything offered by Seasonic. While Corsair AX, AXi, HX, HXi, RMx, RMi, TXm and SF series are on-par with Seasonic PSUs.

Once the new PSU is in, then you can look towards upgrading your PC's performance. With the budget of yours, you could afford that 1080p monitor alongside Seasonic S12II-620 / M12II-620 EVO PSU. Though, to improve gaming performance, better GPU would be needed. While 8GB of RAM may not be enough for today's gaming (16GB is preferred), you'll see far bigger improvement from GTX 1060 than additional 8GB of RAM.

Still, 1st get the new PSU and then the rest.