Question Why my AIO isn't going to its low rpm?


Oct 22, 2016
Hello, so I got ID-Cooling Frostflow x240 AIO and from what i saw on its info's, it should go between 700 and 1800 rpm, but the thing is that it stays between 1200-1380 rpm.
This is my configuration:
Case: iBox Passion V4 Gaming
GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Aero OC
CPU: Ryzen 2400G
MOBO: MSI B350M Mortar (i don't have the latest BIOS)
PSU: Seasonic Focus+ 550W Gold
My question is, what's the problem and why he can't go lower than 1100-1380 rpm?
Also, in bios at fan monitoring/controller i had some issues, if i would let it on auto + smart fan mode, it would go up to 1800 and stays on that rpm.
I tried changing between PWM and DC +- smart mode activated and i had to let the CPU cooler(the AIO) on DC + smart mode, to stay on 1200-1380 rpm, but it won't go lower.
Other problem, my MOBO does not recognize the rpm of my fans shows 0 rpm but they're moving.
What can i do in this case? My main problem is the AIO.
Cpu cooler rpm <-


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Are we talking about the pump, or the fans, not going below 1200rpm?

Where are your fans connected?

Where is your pump connected?

Get the latest STABLE BIOS and install it.

In the BIOS, make sure that the fan header you have the fans connected to are set to PWM rather than DC controlled.