Question wi fi stops working every few minutes


Feb 25, 2018
my laptop hp stream laptop 11-ah1xx has a huge problem
the wi-fi keeps shutting down for no reason. sometimes it stops but the wifi logo still says that its connected to my wifi. then there are other times when it'll show that my wifi has no internet (the temporary solution is to disconnect and reconnect). then there are rare times when my laptop becomes an ahole and it doesn't connect to my wifi. most of the time i have to disconnect or turn off wifi and reconnect. but the problem is these problems occur almost every 2-15mins (fun fact: i already had to dis and recon wifi 2 times while writing this)
btw i also have another problem .in youtube every 2-10mins every video buffers even though every other tab works properly. dont know if these problems are connected but would love to get some answers
also i did check its not my wifis fault i tried it with other wifi's
First thing is to establish if its the router or your laptop.

Do other wireless clients on the same channel exhibiting the same behavior?

If you dont have other wireless clients search the forums of your laptop. Toshiba is famous for making wifi client nics that crap out.

You have several options if its your laptop. You might be able to service it. There will be access panels on the bottom with screws. There will likely be a ngff form factor wifi card. Replace it with a good intel one after you download drivers for the intel card. Do this all at your own risk.

Second option is to purchase a usb wifi. Not as clean or fast but effective and hardly noticeable. I did this for the junk toshiba i had.