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  1. Polish-

    Question Spilled Coffee on Pc, now GC-WBAX1200 wont work

    Like above Said, i spilled Coffee on my PC. Turned everything off immediately and took out my Graphics card. While taking out the graphics card i ripped the plastic cover off my PCIE x16 port because I panicked. Put my GPU in the x4 which got my PC running again. I also unplugged my WiFi card...
  2. O

    Question Disconnects in games and slow loads, but fine speed

    Hi I got a new computer with motherboard Asus Z790-I Gaming wifi In certain games the connection simply drops or can't connect. And certain things/websites takes long to load, where they used to come instantly The wifi speed and signal seems fine, at around 600 mbps and low latency One game...
  3. Eternalk

    Question Ethernet & Wifi adapter not working

    So both my ethernet and wifi are giving me issues right now. For reference, my motherboard is an Asus Prime x470 Pro and this all began once I was forced to clean/take apart my pc cause of cpu fan issues (which have been fixed). 1- Ethernet I’ve changed the cable as well as just plugged into my...
  4. brandonmills765

    Question Slow internet speed on PC but not on other devices ?

    So recently just upgraded to gigabit internet and the paid bandwidth is 900mbps. It just got activated today and the carrier says that it can take up to 10 days after the initial connection change for the bandwidth to be at its highest... but still, with my PC I am getting only about 50-70mbps...
  5. I

    Question motherboard wifi chip not working

    I have a GIGABYTE X570S AORUS PRO AX: ATX motherboard that has built in wifi. On device manger the wifi device RZ608 WI-FI 6E 80MHz has come up with error 10. I have tried reinstalling the driver from both gigabyte and mediatek and even recently reinstalled windows but this error persists.
  6. mdmomeni

    Question Late 3.5mm jack (headphone) detection + weak Wi-Fi signal

    When I plug headphone cables in a 3.5mm jack of my case (front or back), the detection notification will show lately (after 4 to 7 sec) and I can't use it until the awareness of the system also the signal of the motherboard Wi-Fi was very weak until I disabled it and plugged an adapter which...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Wifi adapter randomly stopped working after a restart ?

    Hello, A couple of hours ago I restarted my laptop because it wasn't detecting my earphone when I plugged them in. After restarting the audio problem was fixed but my wifi adapter (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter) was no longer recognised. I restarted my laptop again...
  8. R

    Question Wi-Fi constantly stops working for short intervals ?

    My computer for a while has been having bad ping spikes and I am unable to figure it out. This problem does not occur at all times but frequent enough to be frustrating. I'm not sure how to attach a picture but the graph in the task manager Wi-Fi tab has spikes of activity as every few seconds...
  9. J

    Question Wifi Adapter not working

    I have just built a new computer. I got a new motherboard, CPU and case. Every other part I reused from my old PC. When I first started my PC the WiFi worked fine but once I restarted it gave me the Error Code 12 on the driver. I had my m.2 in the second slot and then moved it to the first slot...
  10. Rui Pedro Fernandes

    [SOLVED] Best wifi desktop adapter?

    So recently i upgraded my internet from 60mbs to now 1gbs but when I do a speed test (https://www.speedtest.net/ ) on my desktop I only receive around 70mbs. I know that to use ethernet cable is better but the router is to far and i can't just run cables throw my house so my question is. Is my...
  11. padrelostr

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Cable

    Hello everyone I’m new to the PC World and I play a lot of games on my Asus PC. The problem is that i’ve always played with my wireless wifi that my other 3 members of my family are using, and that causes me to have high ping while playing. The modem is downstairs and my PC is upstairs, should i...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Having 7 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload

    Hi, I'm currently having an issue with my internet connection. Recently its been impossible for me to play any game online from Warzone to Apex. I get none stop lag in all online games, which is weird because just about a week ago none of this was happening, in fact I could play warzone on EU...
  13. Anyparktos

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to use my PC and a generic USB-USB C phone cable, to give another pc internet through the ethernet cable connected to the first pc?

    So I have a Laptop/Tablet, on which I can't use WIFI at the moment, because the WIFI drivers on it won't work until I install new software update. Problem is, I don't have the internet to download it. So I thought about a couple solutions, like USB tethering(didn't work), or WIFI USB...
  14. V

    Question Using PCE-AC56 2x2 802.11ac Wifi AC1300 PCIe might be dying.

    I am using a PCE-AC56 2x2 802.11ac Wifi AC1300 PCIe wireless adapter on Windows 10-64bit, I think it is dying now because earlier today it was fine now it is struggling like crazy to hold a connection for longer than 10 seconds. I should add the computer was on for at least 10hours as well and...
  15. GnoffPrince

    [SOLVED] Desktop won't stay connected to WIFI

    I have a Windows 10 PC I built myself which has very recently run in to trouble connecting to the wifi where it will see the WiFi network, can connect to it but then will shortly after (or when I try use the network, I can't tell which) disconnect. Every time I run Windows Network Diagnostics I...
  16. O

    [SOLVED] Can I use WiFi adapter to connect PC to mobile phone through WiFi adapter?

    Basically I want use my PC that use Ethernet to a send WiFi to my phone? If I can't, is there any way to do it?
  17. StigDenmark

    Question will the connection be affekted by the usb cable in this PCI-e Extension cord for my wifi card

    will something like this work with my Wificard ? and will there be any downside to the connection beeing send through a usb cable https://www.amazon.com/GLOTRENDS-Extension-Limited-Installation-UEX101/dp/B07N38Y799 and do anyone, know of any similar products (that are black) that also send to...
  18. A

    Question Advice needed: My home WiFi network no longer appears as available

    The last few days my home WiFi network has been disconnecting every few hours on my pc only. When it disconnects the network no longer appears as available, but I can still see my neighbours networks and access my network via mobile devices. I would restart the router and it would reappear and...
  19. jordan7099

    [SOLVED] (SOLVED) Computer can't connect to router but other devices can.

    System: Pc Specialist Model: Vortex Fusion Ultima II OS: Windows 10 64 bit So my computer can find all of my neighbours wifi but not mine until I reset the router. It will then connect to the internet for about an hour or two, then it will disconnect and be unable to find my wifi connection...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] my ethernet port works one day and next no

    I bought recently a wifi extender (RE450) and, at the start works perfectly, but one day, when the power went out, my ethernet port starts working rare, while the wifi works right, the ethernet connections work great one day, but the next works with a lot of lag and latency, especially when i...
  21. TheSpetnazAreAfterME

    Question Anyone else here name Doug have network issues too?

    Hey yall, My name is Doug and I'm having network issues and my friend who's also named Doug is having network issues. Basically while playing a game it will freeze and then tell me that I lost connection, but I can still hear my friends talking on discord and they can't hear me. I can still do...
  22. H

    [SOLVED] How to fix WiFi speed jumping between 72mbps and 144kbps?

    For at least a year, regardless of the router I'm connecting to, sometimes my WiFi speed on my 4 year old Lenovo G50 laptop starts jumping between 72mbps and 144kbps, no other value in between. Resetting the connection doesn't solve the problem, and I'm at a complete loss for what may be causing...
  23. TheSpetnazAreAfterME

    [SOLVED] Wifi no internet access

    Hello fellow techs, I must start from the beginning for you to understand and my specs are at the bottom after you read my issue. I recently I moved to a new place to rent and there are no network jacks, so I had to get a wifi adapter for my Desktop. When I first installed the adapter, it...
  24. T

    Question disconnecting from WIFI tplink wireless router problem

    i have TL-WR720N and i have to restart every 3-4 hours because phones get disconnected from wifi constantly and cant connect again if i do not restart i thought it was some kind of time limit but it is not a case, it is just random. there are only 2 phones connected nothing else. is there a...
  25. G

    Question “No WiFi adapter found” after Ubuntu 18.04 update

    After the latest update (2020/01/17,18), not a clean install, there's "no WIFI adapter found" on my Ubuntu 18.04. The machine is a Win 10 dual boot Lenovo IdeaPad L340. Secure Boot is off (it was before the update, it stayed off after). What do I do?
  26. GirikJ

    Question X570 MEG Ace wifi not working

    I just got my MSI X570 MEG ACE and i installed the proper internet drivers , but im not sure if theres anything else i need to installsorry about the image being weird
  27. O

    [SOLVED] does a pci to usb adapter work?

    https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41Ww0ne3D1L._SY355_.jpg I have tested this device on windows and gnulinux systems. Tested different wifi cards on it. It never runs. The wifi cards can get hot. Are there reports on this device working? Thank you.
  28. H

    [SOLVED] Looking for a good quality m.2 wifi + bluetooth card.

    Hello good folks of THF. I am in the market for a good m.2 wifi/bluetooth card to replace my PCIe adapter. I am replacing it as my new Graphics card is very beefy and will require that space. I have done some research and am curious about this m.2 card that may be a good replacement...
  29. V

    [SOLVED] High ping and slow download on PC

    So a few days earlier. my PC got a bit weird. when I play some games, I always get a high ping and when I download something its always get so slow. after that i test my connection on speedtest.com. the result is: ping=41ms download=3.96Mbps upload=1.57Mbps and after that I test the same...
  30. marco6661

    [SOLVED] My internet crashed when i search ingame servers in CSGO after i changed my wifi adapter

    so recently i changed my wifi usb adapter to a PCI wifi adapter, i can browse the internet and download stuff on steam faster now but when i tried to play csgo and search matchmaking suddenly my internet crashed and my downloads also stopped on my pc, but when i'm back on the desktop again the...
  31. R

    [SOLVED] Very high Windows 10 WiFi latency

    Ever since the Anniversary Update (I'm currently using the latest 1909 build 18363.476), my WiFi latency started to get these weird spikes and especially when you either search for WiFi networks from Windows or use any WiFi analyzing application. I've tried every single driver out there for my...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Does the ethernet and wifi get different bandwidths in a router?

    I have a Netis WF2411 150 Mbps Wireless router. The router is placed in my bathroom. The signal strength is very good in every case. I tested some scenarios for the best possible speed for my PC. Case 1: Connected the PC through ethernet and no other device was connected to the Wifi. Case 2...
  33. B

    [SOLVED] Wireless adapter stops working when entering games

    So my wireless adapter (ASUS PCE-AC51) stops working when i’m entering games and only when i’m entering games. I have had steam download games the entire night without the internet disconnecting and i can browse just fine but as soon as i enter a game it starts acting up. Also tried the same...
  34. varman37

    [SOLVED] Apps take 1 minute to connect to the Internet

    All software on my laptop takes around 1 minute to have internet access, every time they're opened. My laptop in general has access already but the apps take a while to connect. This happens every time I close them and open them. This includes UTorrent, all web browsers (Opera, Chrome, Edge and...
  35. M

    [SOLVED] Asus PCE-AC55BT WiFi not working but Blue Tooth does

    I recently installed the Asus PCE-AC55BT network adapter into my available PCIE x16 slot and available usb slot. It registers as a blue tooth device but not a wifi network adapter. I've downloaded their drivers as well as had microsoft look for the most recent driver updates and still no wifi. I...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] wireless adapter

    I bought an tp link TL-WN822N V5 wireless adapter.i need this to be used as well as repeater. In v1 v2 v3 they given tp-link utility where we can use as repeater in soft AP mode .But in v5 they haven't given any utility. can someone help me how to use this v5 as repeater. Thankyou :giggle:
  37. Staars

    [SOLVED] Onboard Wifi/Bluetooth Gone

    Hey, so I just turned my PC on, and as I tried connecting it to my wi-fi network, I realized that there is no option to connect to wifi, neither does bluetooth. When I go into Network adapters, there is only the wired connection adapter. My motherboard is an Asus ROG Maximus X Code .
  38. A

    [SOLVED] Wifi Adapter stronger then Wifi Router

    Recently my family has changed their wifi to an Optimum Altice. From what I understand that they act like routers and a cable boxes for smart televisions. For my connection, I am about to receive a wifi adapter with a 1200mbps speed, with this Altice only having 300mbps. Now what will my...
  39. Z

    [SOLVED] Will a better network card decrease packet loss?

    I recently moved to college and I brought my gaming pc. They don't have Ethernet cables in the dorms so I am forced to use a network card. The ping is fine for the most part but the packet loss is very consistent. Normally I sit around 1-2% packet loss when playing fortnite but at times the game...
  40. S

    Question Exteremly low link-speed on win7 wifi hotspot

    I just setup a Wifi hotspot using CMD on my winows 7 PC with D-Link DWA-548 N300 PCI-e Card. i can see it on available wifi networks on my phone but it takes minutes to get the IP configs and super slow link-speed takes. Tried with my other PC and a different Wifi card and the same results...