Dec 9, 2012
Hello all and thanks for looking.
I've been using Tom's as a resource for a few years and decided to turn to the forum for some advice.

First I should state that I would consider myself fair with regard to networking. I have my A+ and Net+, but am much better on the A+ end of the spectrum.

I need to deploy a network that will cover an area of about 45,000 square feet. I noticed I can't attach image files here, so I put a small diagram I made in Paint in my public Dropbox folder. Here's the link:

I need to set up 2 separate networks, one private and one public for the motel and cabin guests. My internet access will be via DSL with about a 1Mbps average speed. I can have the DSL modem in either house or the store. I would prefer to have the two houses and store wired, but wasn't sure if you could even run Cat5 outdoors above ground. We're in northern Michigan so if it's above ground it will need to withstand the cold weather. Trenching isn't really an option as the frost line can sometimes reach 15 feet below grade here.

The private network will get the lion's share of bandwidth, and the public should allow just enough to let users check email and find the local sporting goods store's address.

So I'm looking for hardware/software recommendations, deployment suggestions such as directional or omni antenna and placement etc. If outdoor wiring is not an option, then the modem would most likely be located at the central house location. The store construction is modern frame built in 1996, vinyl siding and drywall interior, central house is single wide mobile home from the 70's, remodeled in 1997 with vinyl siding, left side house is double wide mobile home built in 1997, and the motel and cabin date from 1940 with wood frame construction.

Again, I thank any and all who might be able to suggest a course of action. Please let me know if more information or clarification is needed.

Cold,snow,water will have little effect on a cable run above ground unlikely the water would get thought the outer jacket and then thought he plastic coating on the wires. The larger worry is UV damage but they make cable that is UV resistant. Still it will take a couple of year to damage the wire so it may be easiest to just replace it every so often.

Since it is not electrical cable you can bury it one inch if you like. They make direct bury cable that has a gel filling to prevent shorting but it is much cheaper to buy cheap water pipe used for sprinkler systems and use that as conduit.

Wired is you best option since you will get 1g

If you want a wireless solution I like these devices.

They cost about $50 each which is much cheaper than just a cheap router much less a antenna and waterproof enclosure.

You would need clear line of site to make these work. How fast they run will depend on lots of things but it will greatly exceed your 1m they say up to 54m There are other more expensive models that can easy do a couple 100m at more than a mile.