Question Windows update issue

Oct 9, 2019
Hi guys
Well the issue of my pc is briefly windows defender, firewall and my antivirus software stopped working out of nowhere so first i thought its a malware or a virus i tried cleaning it up it didnt work. So i clean installed windows and everything was working perfectly. Then i updated my laptop and after it restarted it did the same thing. Windows defender, firewall and antivirus dont work at all. I checked the update and it says windows security update but the pc doesnt roll that update back. i tried uninstalling the update it still doesnt work. I really need your help guys.
EDIT -> well i think its the update that causes the issue.
(updates are -> Security Intellegence update for windows defender antivirus - KB2267602 (version 1.303.1210.0 and version 1.303.1200.0)
and Update for windows defender antvirus antimalware platform- KB4052623 ( Version 4.18.1909.6)
EDIT 2 - When i try to turn firewall on manually it gives me Error Code 0x80070422
And when i try to turn on Virus & Threat protection on it says Unexpected error. Sorry we ran into a problem. Please try again.