Question Wondering if my GPU and CPU is running hot?

Sep 22, 2019
I recently purchased this PC through Best Buy, Had a few people tell me it was a nice build for a pre buy and the only concerns people were having online was that some units were over heating. i bought this on sale for 900 so i figured i could just throw another fan in eventually. However im wondering if this is normal, playing WoW classic on the classic setting my gpu is not nearly around 90% as i read i should be online. Temps are as following just standing in stormwind.

Gpu 113F 40% load
Cpu 135F 5% load

however they do get higher when im playing something with more demanding graphics sometimes near the 150-170 degrees and 90% gpu load and 35-45% cpu. This computer comes in with a "Command center " and its programmed to alert you using green yellow and red colors if your pc is running hot but im not sure i trust it. Only complaint so far gaming pretty frequently is Gears of war 5 crashed last night but i had noticed i had driver updates available so i was not sure if it was hot or that.

Any info would be great thank you.


Aug 17, 2019
Install HWiNFO64 and let it run while you do your thing... It will keep track of the highest temp the CPU and VRMs reach. If the temps go past 90 degrees C then the PC is starting to hit the max recommended temps, although they should still be safe. The latest 105-watt amd AND 95-watt Intel CPUs will go into the 90-95 degree C range when under extreme loads, but while gaming (gaming is not considered a heavy load as it usually uses only a couple of cores).

Ideally, the VRMs and CPU should be under 80 degrees in normal circumstances...
170f is only about 77c. Well within spec for a heavy load. When talking pc temps use celcius. When it comes to computers, no one speaks farenheit.

134f = 57c
113f = 45c, neither are a concern at all, and actually both are quite good.