Jan 12, 2006
Just tonite when trying to use IE, the browser would open and then blink off. It stopped this behavior when I changed my home from Google to a blank page. That was when I noticed that on my Yahoo toolbar, it was trying to find the icons. When I disabled the Yahoo toolbar, then everything is normal again and I can go to any web page.

I can live without the toolbar, but would like to know what's going on. Anyone have this experience... know what is prob?
XP Home SP2, IE 6.0


this only occurred some time tonite when I had left my browser open. It had been working just fine for several months with both a Google toolbar and the Yahoo toolbar.


Ahh! Toolbars: the backdoor for popup adds.

Maybe and update done by yahoo that prevents you from anyother home page except yahoo?
I have never seen the need for those type of toolbars. Cause more problems than they help. Not to mention just use up resources.