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    [SOLVED] First time GPU upgrade, got some questions

    I finally got my hands on a 3070 ti, but I've never upgraded a GPU before. My PC is on the older end, about 4-5 years old and still running great, but I am a little worried about compatibility issues between my older tech and this new card. Mostly, I'm worried about the power supply. It's a...
  2. Question Idle Temperatures High After Undervolting

    Recently undervolted my gpu (Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Ti VISION OC 8GB) which brought my temperature under load (during gaming) down by around 10 degrees, which is perfect. But at idle, both my cpu (i9-10850k) and gpu have gone up about 10 degrees. At idle, I used to get 20-30 cpu and 30-40...
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    Question 3070 ti getting as many frames as my 1060

    I play Overwatch on lowest settings and I've been getting 220+/- fps on both my new 3070 ti and my old 1060. I ran DDU in safe boot 3+ times to reinstall nvidia drivers with and without geforce, reinstalled windows, updated my chipset, set power management mode to maximum performance, made sure...
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    Question 650 watt on a RTX 3070ti?

    My sys specs are r5 2600 stock 16gb 3200 mhz rtx 3070ti zotac amp. is a 650 watt antec earthwatt platinum enough to run this system? i really dont wanna spend more on a psu because the gpu ended up costing so much