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  1. gmemoriam

    Question Upgrading my 6700k to Ryzen 7/Ryzen 9 for video editing

    Hi everyone. I currently own a i7 6700k with a Corsair 32gb RAM 3000mhz, a GTX 1070 Strix GPU. I use this computer mainly to video editing and 2d motion graphics (Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects). I also use it for a casual gaming but it's just the 10% of the time. In my last few works...
  2. flasher33

    Question new build freezes randomly

    HI all. I just finished building my new Rig and I am facing an issue where every now and then the PC freezes for a sec or two then works fine. I hear the fans ramp up when the freeze happens. here are my specs: CPU: R9 3900X MB:Gigabyte X570 Elite WiFi RAM: G.Skill Trident.Z 32Gb @3200Mhz (XMP)...
  3. RandomGamer1235

    Question PC TEMPS, cpu dropped 11 degrees with side panel off.

    So while playing games my gpu hits 86c(gpu is usally at 83c) tops and my cpu hits 70c (usually sits around 60-65), i took the side panel off and the gpu dropped about 2 degrees but the cpu dropped like 11 degrees! what now? should i replace my case fans? get a new cooler? I have the wraith...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 3900x vs 3700x

    Hey everyone, I'm choosing between an AMD Ryzen 3900x and a 3700x for my gaming/video editing build. If I can save the ~200 dollars by going with the 3700x without sacrificing performance then I would definitely choose that one. But, will there be a noticeable difference between the two if I...
  5. V

    [SOLVED] Will B550 be enough for 3900x or equivalent

    Hey Guys! I am about to build a new Gaming PC for AAA titles, VR and casual gaming. I am currently waiting for the launch of the new RTX 3000 series and RDNA 2 before I do, as I want top-end graphics. However, my CPU is not concerning me as much as the current top-ends from AMD and Intel...
  6. poop_god

    Question Ryzen 9 3900x wont boot in Msi X470 Gaming Plus

    I have decent experience building pcs but im stumped. My pc specs are: Ryzen 9 3900x, Msi X470 Gaming plus, 16gb G skill Trident z 3200mhz ram, Gtx 1080ti, 1 Tb m.2 western digital ssd, 500gb patriot burst ssd, 1200w gold modular rosewill photon power supply. The bios is the very latest version...
  7. DarylEPerez

    Question Ryzen 3900X

    Hello everyone, hope all is well. I have been running a 3900X along a X570 ASUS E Gaming Strix motherboard. My ram is @ 1.36V 3200MHz and CPU usually runs at around 4.4-4.5GHz and up to 4.6GHz in cases. I have not had an issue, however, I want to make sure I won't in the near future. My...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Is it worth it to upgrade whole system from Intel to AMD?

    I'm having in my work rig Intel i7-8086K and was thinking to upgrade whole system with Ryzen 3900X. I'm using this PC just for Unreal Engine 4 3D game development, which means a lot of rendering and builds. Since upgrade will cost me a lot, my question is, is this worth it? Will I see any huge...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Is my B350 VRMs enough for 3900X?

    I have a MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon. Right now I have R5 1600 installed, but I wanna upgrade to R7 3900X. Is this board and it's VRMs good enough for 3900X? Possibly 3900XT? Thank you for feedback!
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Which stress test is more "realistic"?

    So I recently upgraded to a 3900x from my old i7 4790k. Did some stress tests and it ran pretty hot on prime95 at 81C with some spikes to 85 (I liked my 4790k temps better at like 65 max). I tried the CPUZ multicore stress test and that got a much better result of about 72C. Im using a corsair...
  11. X

    [SOLVED] 3900x Temps Are Insanely High

    Okay, so I recently built a 3900x based system 3900x (under volted because 1.48v stock is way too much imo) Corsair H100i Platinum AIO (Reseated it with fresh past aswell, nice thin layer all across the IHS) Asus ROG X570-E Gaming X-Trio 2080 Trident Z Neo 3600 32gb. (DOCP Enabled) Rm750w PSU...
  12. B

    Question 3900X MSI X570 ACE Serious issues, about to scream

    So I recently built this pc, everything seems to be great with it, other then one day it just decided to shut off randomly (no OC) well I ignored it, then it started happening more frequently. Now it's to the point the PC will not go passed BIOS unless I underclock like crazy (3.2GHZ) with the...
  13. grhand82

    Question 3900x - How to/can I cool it in my Phanteks Evolv Shift Air? HELP!

    I have a Phanteks Evolv Shift Air case. Looking at doing some upgrades to create a beastly streaming rig out of it. I want to stress, this build is not a neccessity. Right now, just researching and running into questions that I haven't had to ask or look into before. I have build MANY custom PCs...
  14. N

    Question 3900x or 9900k?

    I'd mainly use my PC for content creation (Premiere Pro, Photoshop) and would like to know your opinion. Almost all of the articles are from the 3900x's launch, but I guess there have been improvements since then in drivers and bios. In my country the 3900x is 100$ cheaper than the 9900k, and...
  15. TechnoRanter

    [SOLVED] Which Motherboard (and corresponding case) should I go for, a Gigabyte Aorus Master X570 or an Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi)?

    I am looking to build a PC later this year, and I want to pick out the parts I want early so I will be prepared (I've heard I should wait until later, but I want to finalize the components I will choose so I can watch their prices depreciate over this time period and purchase them for cheaper...
  16. M

    Question Do I trust the temperature on Afterburner or my Motherboard display

    I have an Asus ROG Crosshair VIII formula that displays the temperature of my CPU. I also using HWmonitor and afterburner. My question is which one is most likely giving the most accurate temperature readings of my CPU and another question is for afterburner which CPU reading do I want?
  17. E

    Question which motherboard should I buy?

    I'm building a pc for 3d modeling and gaming and I don't know which motherboard should I pair it up with, I have a 1800 budget and I was thinking about a gigabyte aorus x570 elite and a asus tuf x570 plus but I found a forum that said that the asus MOBO had this issue with the gpu sitting on top...
  18. T

    Question Asus Prime x570-Pro BIOS Freezing

    Hi guys, First time posting, this is my second build. AMD 3900x, 2x Corsair m.2 PCIe 4.0 in raid 0, 4x 8 gb gskill 3600 RAM, gigabyte RTX 2080 white OC edition, and the problem child; the Asus prime x570-pro motherboard. Built this set up about a month ago. Kept having POST issues which caused...
  19. R

    Question Help with memory selection for New 3900x build

    I am putting together a new build: Ryzen 3900x cpu MSI x570 Unify ATX Motherboard MSI 2060 Ventus OC Noctua NH-C14s cooler Corsair SF600 power supply Corsair MP600 NVME PCI-E 4.0 1TB boot drive Sabrent (or other) NVME 3.0 2TB storage Cerberus X case DAILY USE: CAD, 3d rendering...
  20. E

    [SOLVED] New Build Input

    Hi there! I’ll keep this as short as possible but I’m planning my second build of my life and it’s a hefty investment and would love some feedback. It is going to be a primarily gaming rig fyi. so here are the specs -CPU: Either i9 9900k or 3900x -MOBO: z390 MSI Godlike or x570 MSI Godlike...