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  1. I

    What would happen if I use a gtx 1070 and 8gb of ram

    I currently have a gtx 1050 ti that is used with 8gb. I wanted to upgrade my gpu to a gtx 1070 and would wonder what would go wrong with 8gb of ram used with that CPU: Intel core i5 7600k 3.8 GHz Mobo: ASRock z270 killer sli/ac CPU cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock Slim Memory: G. Skill 2×4 DDR4...
  2. D

    Power Supply Unit Help

    What's going one, I basically have everything for my computer, except the power supply. Im beginning to get anxiety over it because I want to be certain I have the right kind so I don't risk my computer. The parts I already have are GTX 1060 6 GB Core i7 Coffee Lake 8700k 860 evo m.2 2 4k...
  3. J

    Hard disk not opening

    I had this old computer that stopped working fine so I took out the hard drive, put it in a casing and tried to connect it to my system but it doesn't come up. I get 2 partitions, system reserve and local disk G, the system reserve opens but shows it's empty even though it says some memory is...
  4. R

    PC Shutting down

    Why does my PC shut down when the "Windows is starting" window appear? What should I look for?
  5. K

    DVD/CD drive assembly

    I have a Toshiba computer Satellite C55-B5299 that does not have a DVD/CD drive. Does Toshiba make a DVD/CD drive for this computer?
  6. G

    Brand New Seagate barracuda 2tb not spinning/no lights not on BIOS

    Built my new pc yesterday installed windows onto the SSD and then switched off and plugged in the HDD one sata cable in the PSU and one into the mobo, the hdd doesnt spin make any noise or show up in bios ive tried different cables and power cables and other sata ports on th mobo. My pc specs...
  7. L

    Will it run

    I have a HP elitebook 8570p laptop it is an i5 processor Intel 2530 m it has 8 gigs of RAM and an ivy Bridge graphic processor Intel HD 4000 I'm trying to run nox player so that I can play pubg on it I'm trying to see why or how I can run it to play the game being his old that pubg is not on...
  8. F

    which call of duty can i play?? dell laptop with windows 10,32bit,petium dual core 2.30ghz and 2 gb ram.

    which call of duty can i play?? Dell laptop with windows 10.1 , 32 bit operating system , pentium dual core - 2.30 GHz processor and 2 GB ram.
  9. ivan.lindemann222

    Is i5 8400 good for future gaming ?

    Hey guys, just building my new PC but when i checked the prices of i7 8700k , i5 8600k and the whole i9 series i noticed that it's out of my reach, but the max cpu that i can get for now is i5 8400 which i saw some benchmarks of it with GTX 1060 (6GB VRAM) and it looks to perform so good in...
  10. S

    Mic not working on anything,(discord) but can hear it when i enable it on options.

    I can hear my friends on discord, but they can't hear me. When i go on options on my mic and enable so i can hear my self, i can hear myself properly. This has never been an issue but i can't seem to fix it and i need help
  11. C

    Safest option in adapting PC to support GPU 1070ti [PSU pin connector missmatch]

    Hi all! I need help in figuring out what is the best route to make my PC support a new video card. I will try to describe below the constraints I think I am facing and my thoughts on them. Video card: 1070 TI (8pin power connector) - Problem: No 8 pin connector on PSU PC: HP Z420 Workstation...
  12. sunsanvil

    Power consumption as a function of resolution?

    I was interested to find in Tom's write up of 1060 cards they distinguish power consumption at a few different gaming resolutions, in this case showing 1080p consuming around 30% less than 4k. Does this generally hold true/scale out? ie, if one were to use something like an MSI 1070 Gaming X...
  13. R

    How do you factor in inches?

    I haven't bought a new monitor in ages so im really out of the loop. I was looking for 1440p 144hz with gsync but I have no idea how important inches are.
  14. Q

    reassigning cloned recovery partition as a recovery partition rather than a primary partition?

    It's a long story, but I cloned 2 of the 3 partitions (recovery partition and system partition) on my 2TB Primary HDD to a new 2 TB HDD because I had a dying HDD with bad sectors. I initially tried to clone all 3 partitions but the Primary C drive partition clone would fail due to the bad...
  15. R

    Motherboard hdmi doesn’t work

    I am trying to do a double monitor setup for my pc, The hdmi port for the graphics card works but the motherboards does not, ive looked in bios but I don’t get the “primary video” (or whatever it’s called) option in bios, if anyone could please help I would be grateful
  16. S

    My pc parts work?

    So I have my parts picked out my parts, and checked them on pc part pickers and it said it all worked https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MwPcTB But I have a few questions, For the b350 tomohawk, it said it can support up to ram speeds up to 3200, but I’ve seen some threads saying only 2666 works...
  17. M

    How fast will the 1180 be?

    I was getting myself the GTX 1080 for myself for 1080P gaming in August, but Nvidia is launching the 1180 this Summer or maybe in October. So, I have a budget of $1K for the GPU only and I want to have the latest hardware for my first rig so it can last long enough for 1080P 144Hz Ultra. I know...
  18. I

    DT 770 Pro 32 ohm for PS4?

    I plan on buying a pair of the DT 770 Pro 32 ohm and I was wondering, would the PS4 controller be enough to power them? If not, what are some good headphones for gaming that can be powered by the PS4 controller? Also, my budget is 200 dollars USD.
  19. kcarbotte

    HTC Reveals The Vive Pro's $799 Price Tag, Opens Pre-Orders

    The HMD-only upgrade kit for the existing Vive platform carries a staggering $799 price tag. Pre-orders are now open, and shipments are expected to begin on April 5. HTC Reveals The Vive Pro's $799 Price Tag, Opens Pre-Orders : Read more
  20. S

    Bad CPU memory controller? Faulty motherboard? Any input appreciated!

    I've been having many problems with BSOD's (MEMORY_MANAGMENT, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, among others) I've tried many different things, I've RMA'd my ram, bought a new motherboard (old one was ASUS PRIME B250M-PLUS), tried a new HDD, updated my BIOS on both boards and...