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  1. EnricoLuis

    Active or Passive adapter for GTX 460??

    Which one is the best: Mini-HDMI to VGA adapter? or DVI-D to VGA adapter? Do i need a passive or active?
  2. J

    Should I get a new motherboard?

    So I got a Ryzen 7 2700x for Xmas and was wondering if I should switch to an x370 or x450/b450 because I do want to do some overclocking. I previously had a Ryzen 5 1600x in my Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3, which is still the motherboard I currently use. I tried to do some reading but I found some...
  3. Z

    looking to upgrade

    I am running intel i5-4690k with asus z87 pro mobo and gigabyte gtx1070ti 8gb windforce. i’m planning on changing my mobo to asrock z370 taichi. also wondering will my cpu support the mobo mentioned above? thanks
  4. B

    new build turns on but no signal and a solid green light

    i building a pc with a MSI X99A cpu 5960X and im geting a green solid light near the sata ports are im trying to connect the speaker but with no luck i cant get it to beep what dose the solid green light mean near the sata ports are. please can anyone help tonight
  5. O

    PC won't boot but when it does it's 100% with no performance issues

    So I tried dealing with this issue a few months ago and was not able to find the source of the problem. The pc started up randomly a few months ago when I was trying to fix it and I just didn't turn it off so I wouldn't have to deal with it haha. When the computer is on there is zero issues with...
  6. M

    Question i5 1st gen to i5 4th gen....

    Can I upgrade my PC processor i5 1st gen to i5 4th gen.....i have HP Z200 model and processor is i5-650......can I upgrade it to 4th generation is this possible........
  7. Z

    [SOLVED] CSGO Very slow loading

    So as my title says , my csgo loads very slowly , from 4mins ( fastest) to 10mins( slowest) its just random but mostly it loads more than 6mins average, sometimes it would just hang while loading and take forever until i force shutdown my laptop. and please don't tell.me to get an SSD because i...
  8. H

    need help picking speakers for PC

    hey I just need speakers for my new PC build. I want something with two speakers only since my room won't fit a subwoofer and yea that's about it. I'm looking for a balance between good bass and price
  9. P

    Gigabyte fusion rgb strips

    Hello, i dont know if im being stupid but does any 5v 5050 rgb strip work with the gigabyte fusion, for example im looking at these...
  10. C

    Hosting a Local Wordpress Site

    Hello, I am trying to host my local website made with wordpress. I have a .me domain, recently i tried to host it on github pages which is for static sites and doesnt work with wordpress, I am trying to find a good host with more than 500mb of storage and also reliable, i have come across...
  11. C

    how to install Harddrive into a phanteks p400s case

    how to install hdd into phanteks p400s. Are there already additional hdd trays or do you have to buy them individually? And the power and data cable for the hdd does that come with the case?
  12. C

    [SOLVED] BSod atikmdab.sys HP laptop win 7

    I have a laptop HP pavilion dm4, with an I5 and AMD HD6470M. I always had problems with it regarding drivers, etc. This week I was playing and my screen got all buggy and I got a BsoD saying that the problem was the atikmdab.sys, i've tried the tons of tutorials in the internet but still don't...
  13. C

    Hard drive issues

    My hard drive on my pavilion 6640c will play music CDs but will only allow the recovery CD to go as far as recovery or format part an after choosing option it just stops an on DVDs it say that hard drive is not ready, how can I reset this pc to where everything is working properly again
  14. A

    Issues connecting Netgear Powerline WiFi 1000 to modem/router

    Hello, I recently got a Netgear Powerline WiFi 1000 kit (v2) and have been trying to set it up. I'm trying to extend my current WiFi range and also to have a wired connection for my PS4. One adapter is connected to my ISP provided modem/router and the access point shows up in the available...
  15. J

    Is my bios compatible with ryzen 2600?

    So I currently have a ryzen 3 1200 and planning on buying a Ryzen 5 2600. WIll motherboard (MSI B350M Mortar I) work I have the latest bios 7A37v1G.I m asking cause my friend has a Ryzen 5 2400G and after updating his bios even with the latest one it still wont boot on MSI X370 SLI plus
  16. R

    PSU Plug is hissing loudly

    My PSU Plug is hissing loudly, like there is lots of electric in the fuse or the outlet I plug it in to. I’m scared in case I’ll break my PC or cause a fire. I looked at my fuse and it doesn’t seem right. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/421994621762142209/496020291491725322/image0.jpg As...
  17. N

    Lower FPS with new GPU

    I recently upgraded from a 1050ti 4gb to an RX580 4gb. I used DDU to remove all the nvidia drivers before installing the new ones from AMD. I get lower FPS now then i did before. My system build is CPU -Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHz RAM - 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Motherboard -BIOSTAR Group TB85...
  18. oliver.kausland

    Making pc part list

    Hi, Im planning on building my first pc. I want to play games like battlefield 5 and maybe overwatch and some other games. I also use programs like blender and premiere sometimes. I’ve already made a list but I wanted to hear if someone has some recommendations! Her are the parts: -Gigabyte...
  19. S

    Need suggestion for Router and ADSL Modem

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy new router for my home network, currently I am using local ADSL internet. When I was searching for different routers I have noticed that ram and is main factor, now my major concern is that If I will buy any good router having good memory and cpu but still my...
  20. C

    Cant access folder

    You currently dont have permission to access this folder. And some files from the folder is missing too please help me guys