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  1. Jetrise

    Do I need a Memory Upgrade?

    I'm not very tech savvy, however, since returning back from sea for four months, my PC seems to be running very slow when playing games. I notice that my memory maxes out at 7.6GB (-System Reserve) and that my HDD and SSD are being bombarded by page files, maxing them out to 100%. I typically...
  2. C

    One of two monitors went black

    I was using my W10 machine this morning and the left one of the two monitors went black. The video card is a NVIDIA GT 730. Tried updating drivers, no help. Swapped the cables, and now the left monitor works and the right is black. Device manager recognizes both monitors. Am I safe to...
  3. C

    Upgrading Graphics Card Or Ram

    just wondering what is needed more: New graphics card or ram. I have currently a 750 ti. Been using it for 3-4 years now and I have been able to play all these new games somehow on low with 55-60 (except rust but don't get me started on that game) I also have 8gb ram. im ordering a SSD and told...
  4. 1

    No display on monitor when booting, but it works on reboot

    (Sorry for bad english | I am not very tech savvy | spec at bottom) I have recently built my first computer (2-3 months ago). Ever since it was put together I have had this problem with the display on the monitor. Problem: When I press the power button on the chassis it seems like the computer...
  5. S

    Trying to install 4x4GB (but wont work) 2x4GB works fine.

    So I've been trying to install 4x4gb ram for a while now. So far from what I've Googled, there shouldnt be a problem with my specs. Computer runs perfectly fine with 2x4gb. When I install 4x4gb the computer turns on, but the monitor,keyboard and mouse arent "recognized" aka not responding...
  6. L

    Best budget g-sync monitor

    I’m looking for the best 60Hz g-sync monitor under $180, preferably on amazon. Thanks
  7. D

    Will my current parts be able to work with a 1080 ti

    I'm currently looking into buying a 1080 ti but i'm not sure if my motherboard or my power supply will work with it. Specs: GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 ti CPU: Intel Core i7q 4770K Motherboard: Asus 297-Deluxe Ram: DDR3 8GB Power Supply: Corsair CX 750 Case: Fractal Design Meshify TG
  8. C

    All source engine games crash

    Recently all source engine games i own open to a black screen and instantly close. The worked again for a bit after a windows update then stopped again. I run a GTX 1080, I7 7700K, 16G DDR4 ram,1 2TB HDD, and 1 1TB HDD. Windows 10 64bit
  9. M

    Which m.2 slot to use for single nvme ssd?

    Hi, I have a rog strix b360f motherboard which has 2 m.2 slots with following specification. Slot 1 - M.2 Socket 3, with M Key, type 2242/2260/2280 storage devices support (SATA & PCIE 3.0 x 2 mode) [with heat-sink] Slot 2 - M.2 Socket 3, with M key, type 2242/2260/2280 storage devices support...
  10. G

    asus b350f mb

    hi, im new to gaming setups. my board is asus b350-f and I need to add a gpu to my system. is it ok to add Nvedia or AMD RX series gpu? what is the different. cause my processor is ryzen 5 1600 is it better to go with AMD?
  11. N

    Cpu is not working

    While turning on the cpu the fans are running but the system doesn't start.
  12. E

    How much can I sell my computer for?

    PC Specs: i5 4460 12gb ddr3 ram LGA 1150 micro atx motherboard Zotac GTX 1060 3gb Mini Noctua Low Profile CPU Cooler BeQuiet 450 watt PSU Fractal Design Focus G Mini Micro ATX Case No Hard Drives How much do you think this is worth? I'd like to sell it for at least 300 pounds to cover the...
  13. L

    What motherboard should I pair with R5 2600?

    I'm conceptualizing a gaming PC build that I will be putting together in the near future, and I want a motherboard that will work with the R5 2600 and not need a manual BIOS update off the bat like the Tomahawk B350, I also want RAM support of AT LEAST 2666 MHz. No more than $140, but less...
  14. D

    For the i3 8100

    Best budget Motherboard For coffee lake ( LGA 1151) ?
  15. N

    GPU compatible with my PSU?

    Will my PSU: https://bulk.fsp-europe.com/fsp460-60hcn be compatible to run the gtx 770 4gb?
  16. NowJoJo

    What is wrong with my monitor?

    Half my screen is pink! Wondering if its some bad capacitors or something? It is always there even with just power so it's not a cable issue... Note, I blurred out my name in the photo
  17. I

    What would happen if I use a gtx 1070 and 8gb of ram

    I currently have a gtx 1050 ti that is used with 8gb. I wanted to upgrade my gpu to a gtx 1070 and would wonder what would go wrong with 8gb of ram used with that CPU: Intel core i5 7600k 3.8 GHz Mobo: ASRock z270 killer sli/ac CPU cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock Slim Memory: G. Skill 2×4 DDR4...
  18. D

    Power Supply Unit Help

    What's going one, I basically have everything for my computer, except the power supply. Im beginning to get anxiety over it because I want to be certain I have the right kind so I don't risk my computer. The parts I already have are GTX 1060 6 GB Core i7 Coffee Lake 8700k 860 evo m.2 2 4k...
  19. J

    Hard disk not opening

    I had this old computer that stopped working fine so I took out the hard drive, put it in a casing and tried to connect it to my system but it doesn't come up. I get 2 partitions, system reserve and local disk G, the system reserve opens but shows it's empty even though it says some memory is...
  20. R

    PC Shutting down

    Why does my PC shut down when the "Windows is starting" window appear? What should I look for?